If your home is heated with heating oil and you probably observed spending significantly more on energy as you heat your home, then this is for you.

Here are the ways you can save money on heating oil.

  1. Install a Smart Oil Gauge

Installing a smart oil gauge on your oil tank gauge is one way of maintaining your home comfort; especially during winter. When you know how to properly measure and read your heating oil tank gauge, the possibility of fuel running out or a no-heat emergency will decrease. Using a smart oil gauge can tell you how much oil your heating system consumes. It can as well show the daily or weekly, monthly, and annual usage. Through this, you can simply cancel your automatic delivery contract and start saving.

Using proper fuel in your home will help you save a lot too. Visit https://www.romeosfuel.com/ to see how you can make your home more energy efficient. 

  1. Change your air filters

By keeping your air filters clean and changing them regularly when necessary, you are practically saving up costs. Do you know why? When filters are clogged with lots of dust and dirt, it causes the furnace to work harder to perform its basic functions. An increase in the strain of the motor will force the furnace to burn more energy, and this will lead to an increase in cost.

  1. Clean your air duct

As air travels through the ducts, over time, it accumulates and holds on to dust and dirt particles. As time passes, this can cause an increase in the force of the motor making it spin harder and more energy will be needed to function properly. 

  1. Use a Programmable  Thermostat

As a homeowner, using a Thermostat can do you well by saving more energy bills. When you set your thermostat to function automatically, it will help you turn down the heat, even when you are at home or out of town. 

It’s best to use room thermostats along with valves on your radiators to manage the heating in your home.

A thermostat can help you monitor how much energy you use and whether you need to cut it down.

  1. Upgrade your Oil-fired HVAC System

An HVAC system can last as long as 30 years, but it is vulnerable to losing its efficiency over time then converting less of the heating oil to heat. Here is the advice, if you know your furnace is over 15 years old, you should consider upgrading or installing a new one. Make sure to find the best oil furnace on the market by comparing
different brands.

Other ways to save cost on heating oil are:

  1. Sealing your furnace air leaks
  2. Tuning up HVAC system 
  3. Sealing of drafting windows and doors.
  4. It is best you have a thermostat with an in-built sensor that keeps spaces at a constant temperature – so you can adjust as required if need be.

The above steps can help you save money and as well improve your home energy efficiency. 

Happy heating!

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