10 Ways To Update Your Decor Right Now

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When you’re looking to stay on trend around your home, there are plenty of decor styles you can choose from. The minimalist decor style continues to be a powerful influencer in this season’s choices. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch all your furniture and personal possessions. Instead be mindful about the old adage ‘less is more’. Keep your clutter to a minimum and bring only two or three colour contrasts into your decor palette. Here are ten things for you to change around your home this season:

1. Seating – The days of floral patterns on your furniture are well and truly over. Spots, stripes, and geometric shapes are all great, but it might be best to stick with a plain covering. You can then use cushions and throws to add a touch of color and interest to your seating.

2. Wall art – Many people are opting for large prints of modern and impressionistic art in a minimal number of colors. Super sized canvases of portrait photographs are out. Instead, curves, lines, and geometric shapes on your walls are paving the way.

3. Coffee tables – We all need somewhere to put down our mugs and books in the evening. Coffee tables continue to be large and chunky this season, but gloss finishes in black or white are trending right now.

4. Rugs – Plush rugs look great in most rooms and can brighten any dark flooring. This season why not try something with a bold colour and strong pattern?

5. Painted walls – This season is seeing a return to the single colour wall paint scheme. The colours this season tend to be much darker than the off-white ‘hint of’ palettes that were popular a couple of years ago. Choose darker tones like mocha, olive, and taupe.

6. Blinds – Befitting the minimalist style, you can install blinds for about the same price as curtains these days. A matt finish reduces the glare effect we all hate, and they direct the light magnificently.

7. Standard lamps – In the height of summer, lighting isn’t required until much later in the evening. Opt for a good standard in a chrome finish.

8. Brightness – Lighting for the evening should be subtle. Use colour for brightness in your living areas and kitchen. It doesn’t need to form a pattern, but it does need to be something vivid and fit into your overall palette.

9. Kitchen – Glossy worktops in blacks are very popular this season. They need to be combined with LED under cupboard and kickboard spots. This can make them sparkle. Add a high gloss cupboard door finish, and you’ve created this season’s look.

10. Bedroom – Bedding should be fresh and vibrant in colours like greens and blues. Choose the cooler tones for hot nights, and finish with a coloured bedside lamp.

Finding the colour palette and style that suits you needn’t be difficult this season. Stick to two or three complementary shades, and add a vibrant dazzle to the living areas of your home. Don’t forget your bathrooms. Strong poppy reds and cerise pinks are looking hot in here this season, and also work well for a dining room.

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