3 Easy Ways To Kick-start Your Minimalism Journey

If you’re considering taking steps towards a more minimalist life, you’ve come to the right place. Minimalism is a great way to declutter and organise your life. 

It can be overwhelming at first glance, so to save you time and stress, we’ve collected the three easiest ways to begin your journey.

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What Is Minimalism?

The history of minimalism dates back to the late 1960s. It’s the philosophy of living your life with less “stuff.” There is no perfect way to be minimalist, but the idea is to reduce the clutter in your life to only the necessities. 

It can be applied to all aspects of life, including tangible and intangible items. The advantages of minimalism are more time, money, and improved mindfulness and wellbeing. It also reduces stress and disorganisation in your life. 

1. Start Small and Take It One Step at a Time

The first step is to take it one step (or room) at a time. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. If you’re trying to make your house more minimalist, go room by room.

Start with your bedroom, then work towards your kitchen or living room. 

If your bedroom seems too hectic, start with whatever room you think will be the easiest. Create a plan for how you’re going to tackle the room and work down the list gradually. Don’t expect to finish the project in one day; it could take a week to complete and possibly more. 

That’s okay! Take a breath and move at your own pace.

2. Declutter and Only Keep the Essentials 

One of the main strategies of becoming minimalist is to declutter. As you come across an item, go through a quick declutter checklist. This includes asking the questions of whether you need the item, whether you use the item, and what you would do if you didn’t have the item. 

This helps rationalise and organise the items and if they’re essential in your life.

Another tip is to try storing seasonal items that you know you’ll need during the holidays somewhere out of sight and out of the way. Though these items may be essential, they aren’t something you need to have handy. 

3. Resist the Urge to Buy More

The last tip is the most important for sustaining a minimalist lifestyle. Resist the urge to buy unnecessary items once you’ve decluttered your life. This is easier said than done in a society of constant consumption. 

Stay focused on what matters most to you when making purchases. It can be helpful to go through the declutter checklist, asking yourself if you need the item and what you would do without it. 

Once you’ve successfully gotten in the routine, you’ll be well on your way towards your minimalist journey. 

Now You Can Start Your Minimalist Journey 

By following these three tips in your life, you can incorporate minimalism into your life without stressing yourself out. Minimalism is a great way to live and will serve you well over time.

After all, there’s a reason it becomes more popular each year.

So why wait any longer? Start your minimalist journey today!

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