Jewellery Trends: Up Your Jewellery Game With These Amazing Pieces!

When it comes to fashion, it’s more than just clothes. It includes everything from the head to the toe and the trends change quickly. 

Clothing styles are here today, gone tomorrow, and back again years later. But these rapidly changing outfits need accessories and, just like clothes, jewellery styles also come and go.

New trends always hit the scene and a true fashionista needs to stay on top of them all! 

Continue reading to learn all about the 2020 jewellery trends and how you can add them to your style. 

The Curated Ear 

Earrings can be simple and subtle or a bold statement. They’re a way to show off more of your personality. Recently, curated ears have become more popular with people carefully crafting their piercings and theming their jewels. 

Emerging trends include huggies, which are tiny hooped earrings that can be worn in every hole. There’s also mismatched ears for a more edgy look, as well as themed styles. Your theme can be anything you want it to be from classic diamonds, dainty, bold, or an assortment of skull earrings.

These earrings go with everything from a classic elegant look to everyday streetwear. Curated ears allow you to tell a story in a fun and detailed way.


This reemerging trend can be worn in many different ways and they match with every outfit. Anklets have regained popularity but unlike before, where they were mostly worn with sandals, they can be worn with all shoe styles, even sneakers. 

There are a variety of styles to choose from such as gold, silver, anklets with your initials inscribed on them, and more colourful and playful options. To dress them up, you can add them with a heel for a more classic look.

For your casual look, you can wear them over your socks. You can also wear multiple anklets on each ankle. 

They’ve always been a summer style, but with fashion rules shifting, you can wear them in other seasons. 

Nameplate Necklaces

Originally an 80s and 90s hip-hop trend, they’ve gained more mainstream popularity in recent years. 

There are several styles to choose from including big and bold, small and dainty, unique fonts, and having your name displayed in different languages. What was once looked at as tacky and taking up too much space is now trendy and quirky.

The nameplate necklace has styles to accommodate everyone’s preference and is the perfect accessory to any outfit. 

Open Rings 

This trend modernises the classic ring. With multiple styles available, you can opt for an all open ring look or weave them in with your more traditional ones. 

One design that’s taking off with them is the mismatched stoned look. With this style, you can rock your two favourite stones on the same ring in a sleek way. Open rings are versatile and can be worn on every finger and make for a bold and fun look!

2020 Jewellery Trends Are Here to Stay

Trends come and go, but there are always staples when it comes to fashion. As we’re at the beginning of a new decade, these 2020 jewellery trends will serve as the building block for trends of the coming years.

Be sure to stock up on some essentials and stay ahead of the fashion curve! 

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