3 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Entertaining Area


Creating a functional outdoor entertaining area at your home can change the way you live.
Great open air spaces from perfectly preened patios to Balinese boxed gardens offer a little extra living space where you can get that much-needed fresh air that’s necessary to feel revitalised! Sunrise yoga and a cup of tea, anyone? If you’re about to plan your little piece of outdoor paradise, there are a few must-haves listed below to consider while writing your shopping list.

1. Outdoor Furniture

Having the right outdoor furniture is so important, especially if you’re hoping to regularly wine and dine outdoors! Think about having more than just one table, both straight and round, and different heights. Perhaps you can include single lounge chairs as well as outdoor sofas. Weatherproof furniture is a must – keep in mind the conditions that are most common in your part of the world. Do you need furniture that’s waterproof and fade resistant? Is it windy where you are? You’ll need heavier pieces that won’t budge. If you feel like it’s time for a furniture re-fresh, check out places like BBQ Galore that are known for having an extensive range of outdoor furniture solutions to suit all budgets and needs.

2. A Barbecue

A barbecue (or grill depending on where you’re from) is invaluable for outdoor dining. You may feel like barbecuing is only for when you have a casual dinner with guests, but remember that it comes in really handy for lazy days when the family doesn’t want to be stuck inside, slaving away at a stove. They’re also great to have around for any of those power outages that are oh so common in summer. Remember, gone are the days of just slapping a few sausages or burger patties on the grill. These days, you can cook up entire three-course gourmet meals using every available feature of your barbecue, no matter how simple or complex a model you have. You’ll be sure to please all your guests!

3. The Finishing Touches

To give your space a lift or any outdoor soirées more pizzazz, it’s great to have those little accessories that add a touch of interest and make the area feel more complete. Scented candles are ideal for creating an ambience and, if they contain citronella, keeping away unwanted bugs! Be sure to use decorative hurricanes, bowls or lanterns that enclose the candles so a passing breeze won’t extinguish any flames. Other essential items to consider are wine buckets, cushions, wall art, rugs and even a heater, brazier or fire pit! It’s also a good idea to have have designated outdoor glassware and crockery. You’d be surprised at the selection cheaper outlets have. This is a great alternative to using disposables when trying to protect more precious indoor pieces.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, mix things up a little, think outside the square and be open to new ideas whether they’re related to the way you cook or the way you decorate. Once you’ve sorted out those three must-haves, outdoor entertaining will be not only fun, but a total breeze too!

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