3 Things You’ve Forgotten While Moving House

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful (and exciting!) times of anyone’s life. There are a thousand and one things to consider. Packing your life into bags and boxes is not an easy task but has certain advantages. It forces us to consider what really matters and what can be left behind. It empowers us to embrace change and appreciate the energy and organisation we’re capable of. But amidst the chaos of tangible objects it can be easy to forget some of the other things that surround the move itself. Read on to discover the three things you’re most likely to have forgotten.


Registering With Health Professionals

No-one ever plans to become unwell which is all the more reason to be organised. If you’re under stress like moving jobs or organising the family during the house move, you’re more likely than ever to get run down. This is why it is particularly important to ensure you are registered with health professionals in your new area. Dentists and doctors may only be necessary once in awhile but there can be hefty waiting times if we’re new. If we find ourselves in pain or with an infection, time is of the essence. We can’t afford to handle all the red tape like gathering documents and ID to register when we are already unwell. Get organised and avoid disaster. The best form of protection is prevention! By registering ahead of time you will make everything smoother for yourself in the event that anything goes wrong.


The Neighbours

You may well have remembered to send cards and “goodbyes” to your current neighbours, but what about acknowledging your new ones? It can be a great idea to grab some greeting cards to introduce yourself or even invite them to a house warming. Have a few biscuits or treats in the cupboard in case any drop by to introduce themselves. Let neighbours know any important details, such as an emergency contact number if your dog escapes or your alarm goes off. Reach out, be open and inviting, and you’ll feel at home in no time.


Pet Travel

The day has arrived and you’re finally ready to leave! But what about furry and feathered friends? It can be so easy to overlook their transport or simply assume they will be in the car with us, only to find there is no room. Dogs, cats, and other animals can easily become stressed when travelling. Their own space, such as in a carrier or even in a professional pet transport car can make the process easier for them. Moving house may well have been a stressful time for your pets as well as your family. They will have been aware of extra movement, noise, and activity. They will then find themselves in an entirely new place! This can also mean a great new place to explore and have fun, but can put strain on pets that are sensitive or elderly. Plan well ahead when organising the most comfortable transport for them. Then they can enjoy the moving process as much as you.


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