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3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Flooring

It is important that any flooring you choose will actually suit your home in its looks and practicality, as well as being affordable to you. In this blog, Luxury Flooring & Furnishings expand on these points to give you tips for making the perfect flooring choice without regrets.

1 – Choose Flooring Suitable to Your Décor

It is important to make sure your floor doesn’t clash with other things in your home. Although it is difficult for neutral tones such as brown, beige, black, grey or white – the most common flooring colours – to clash with other décor, it is possible that you may overwhelm a room with one tone. For this reason, we recommend using other neutral tones mixed in with some bold colours, or creating a theme. For example, with a wood floor, you may wish to create a natural look, so try using wood furniture and green or blue ornaments to represent nature. Alternatively, you can combine black and white to make a monochrome theme and if desired add some red to create a more mature look.

2 – Meet Your Practical Needs

It goes without saying that different types of flooring have different uses. Solid wood flooring is the best if you want something that will last a lifetime and can be present throughout generations, if not centuries, of people living in your home. Engineered wood flooring however can last a lifetime too, as well as being better able to withstand warping and shrinkage from humidity, temperature fluctuations and moisture – this makes it ideal in kitchens where spillages occur. For bathrooms however, you need something water resistant like laminate, which can realistically create the wood or tile look as well as resist against scratching. Vinyl floor tiles can also provide these benefits, except they are waterproof all the way through, meaning even if water seeps between the cracks, no water damage will occur. Vinyl is also softer and more cushioned underfoot, perfect for those who want value and don’t particularly need to fool people into thinking the floor is really wood or tiles.

3 – Don’t Be Fooled By Brand Names

Some of the biggest brands use wood from the same trees as non-branded flooring, but put a much higher price on it purely due to the prestige of the brand name itself! Look for options that don’t do this, but make sure you order free samples first to get a look and feel of the product up close. Since you are making such an important decision, this is essential so you aren’t disappointed. In addition, many unbranded wood, laminate and LVT floors are supplied by the biggest names to smaller and discount retailers, so often you are getting the exact same product manufactured in the same way, just under a different name.


What are your thoughts on this? Are there any other tips you would recommend?

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