Coastal Luxury Is Calling Your Name, So How Long Can You Resist?

You work hard, and now, it’s time for a well-earned chance to spread your wings, take a deep breath and relax. You’ve made up your mind you want a holiday that’s extra special this time. Usually, every holiday will have its moment of clarity when you suddenly, realise you are abroad, in a different country, and enjoying the pleasures of life. It may not hit you when you board the plane, or even when you get off it. Taking a break from the hectic and busy world is more than just about lounging around on a beach. You should be living in style, where money is no objection to the finer things in life and no expense is spared. The luxury lifestyle is becoming more available to the middle class, and so it should be taken advantage of. Holiday apartments have taken the limelight with their fabulous locations and unashamed need to please and wow your senses. But, where can you find these sorts of stays?

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UAE splendor

Anytime the mention of luxury is sounded, the city of Dubai is sure to follow close behind. The city is just absolutely lavished in untamed splendour, with no attempt to be subtle at all. If this is your kind of thing, you’ll find superb luxury apartments, purely build for holidaymakers, at Jumeirah Beach Residence  apartment complex has up to 40 different towers to choose from. Just a few minutes walk away from the beach; you can taste the sea salt in the air. The apartments are heavily influenced by the Western style of chic and contemporary furnishings. The rooms have large sofas for you to enjoy and make use of the finest leather the city has to offer. The view is incredible, and as night falls, you’ll be able to observe the lights of the office buildings in the heart of the city from the rooftop swimming pool.

The Aussie skyline

Many whom are part of the affluent style, try to keep it hush-hush, but their secret is being unravelled every day. More and more people looking for that embellishment of style and breathtaking views are down under. Australia’s, Star Gold Coast has some of the most superb holiday apartments in the world. Somewhat of a diamond in the rough, Australia may be known for orange deserts, but the coasts are known for their awesome nightlife culture. These high-rise luxury holiday apartments shoot up out of the coastline and have unrivalled entertainment facilities. Situated in Queensland, you can stroll the beach at night, and watch the red and golden sunset before you walk over to restaurants offering you only the best of international cuisines.

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South African adventure

Incredible views from the Cape Town coast await you, in your luxury apartment place in among the mountains. The lime green vegetation is unlike any other in the world and signifies how healthy and refreshing the pure coastal winds are. There are apartments that were purpose-built along the edge of the city, that have swimming pools for you to cool down in the sun, while also having modern kitchens with lights underneath and on the counter tops allowing you to party into the night. To the rear, you have the mountains that look down upon the apartments, and to the front, you have the waves crashing into the rocks below. For pure peace of mind, there’s nowhere else you’ll want to be.

Luxury holiday apartments are too much to resist. Not only do you get your own space and lots of it, but you also have the fantastic facilities of a holiday resort. From swimming pools to some of the best restaurants in the world, together with fine furnishings, you’re spoilt for choice. The location is important as it sets the mood for the type apartments you’ll be getting, so pick wisely.


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