3 Types of Parties You Can Throw for Your Grandchildren

Parties for kids can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment for everyone involved. If you are a grandmother, you probably want to be an active part of your grandchildren’s lives, and this implies organising parties for them on your own in order to show your love for them. Usually, parents get to organise the birthdays, but there are a lot of awesome party ideas you can implement, thereby creating happy and valuable memories for you and your grandchildren. Here are some of them:

1.       Half-Birthday Parties

As we mentioned above and you probably know, most of the time parents get to organise the birthday parties, especially when kids are bigger, because it can be challenging for grandparents to throw big parties with a lot of guests and a lot of action. But there is a solution to this throwing so-called “half-birthday” parties.

This is a beautiful tradition you can start with your grandchildren, thus getting to spend more one-on-one time with them. Whether it will be a small party or a big one, celebrating their birthdays 6 months before will surely surprise them, because it’s earlier and they get to have more birthday parties and gifts, and therefore more joyful memories (and you will be a part of them).

Tip: For this kind of party, go for “halfsies”: start the party at half past the hour, send an invitation cut in half, cut all food items in half, half-wrap their gifts, challenge them to blow only half of the candles and other similar things that respect the “half” rule.

2.       April Fools’ Day Party

A funny and original party idea you could use is one that celebrates April Fools’ Day. When the guests arrive, pretend that they have picked the wrong day. Invite them to wear funny costumes, hold a parade and reward the winners, but be sure to have a variety of categories to allow more to win. Buy some things that would work as hilarious prizes, such as jester hats, whoopee cushions, hand buzzers. Come up with silly games and, if you can afford it, hire a clown for some extra fun.

3.  Costume Parties

Who doesn’t like to dress up? Give your grandkids this opportunity by planning a costume party. Invite them to dress as they want, with the condition of wearing a mask and embodying a specific celebrity, movie character, historical figure, or just a representative of an era. Whether they will wear togas, medieval costumes, superhero attires or 1920s costumes, this will create an atmosphere of mystery, fun and excitement. Use some costume elements in the decoration, such as wigs, hats and masks. If the grandkids are older, you can even light up some candles. And make sure to have some disposable cameras to let your guests immortalize the fun moments.


Whether you decide to throw a half-birthday party, an April Fools’ day party, a costume party, or a “just because” party for your grandchildren, make sure you use your creativity and remember that no matter the occasion, your grandchildren will appreciate the time spent with them and the care and effort invested in throwing a great party.

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