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Beauty Guide For Glasses Wearers

These days, a pair of glasses can be both functional and fashionable, thanks to the huge variety available across shop shelves all over the world. Indeed, the right pair can make you look super-smart, sophisticated, and stylish while helping you see the world from a whole new perspective!

Nonetheless, eye wear, no matter how good it looks, can also come with its own individual problems – what hairstyle should I wear to match my glasses? What makeup won’t overpower my frames? What glasses will be right for my face shape?


From aviators to cat eyes to quirky geometric styles, big is beautiful this season, with oversized glasses making their mark on the world’s catwalks. Colourful patterns and bold frames are also in, but remember when choosing frames to consider what’s best for your individual face – for instance, wide frames sit well on oblong faces, narrower ones are better for square faces, and those lucky people with oval faces pretty much suit any kind of frame.

Some people want to be able to wear regular sunglasses, which is perhaps why so many are opting for laser eye surgery as a permanent solution! Contact lenses are another good option for those who want to wear sunglasses without the hassle. Personally, I love wearing glasses and prescription sunglasses but each to their own.


Wearing glasses will naturally draw attention to your face, so make sure your eyebrows are perfectly groomed and shaped. Brow pencils and gels are fantastic to achieve enviable definition and can help to frame your face just as boldly as your glasses do.

We love Rimmel London’s Brow This Way kit, which defines with wax and fills with powder. For more precision, we love the new Brow This Way fibre pencil. The highly-pigmented pencil softly fills in brows to give them intense yet believable colour. At the same time, the creamy formula deposits tiny integrated fibres to add realistic volume to sparse areas or lean-looking arches. It’s almost like you’ve grown new hairs! Brows appear fuller without that harsh, drawn-on effect, which we love.

Under-eye areas

Unfortunately, a pair of specs on your face can also draw attention to areas you’d rather not draw attention to – think under-eye bags and those stubborn dark spots!

For a long term solution to dark circles, we recommend Skin Doctors Eye Circle cream. The cream dramatically reduces appearance of dark under-eye circles in under four weeks!

A good tip during your beauty routine is to incorporate a good-quality concealer into your regime that will match your skin tone and camouflage those dark circles.  Our go to under eye concealers are: Revlon Youth FX Fill And Blur ConcealerAustralis Bright Eyes Concealer and Innoxa Under Eye Concealer.


Mascara can really bring out our eyes by making them appear bigger and brighter, but certain mascaras aren’t ideal for ladies who regularly sport glasses. For instance, lengthening mascaras could cause your long eyelashes to press against your glasses, creating those unattractive smudges that are hard to shift. Instead, opt for volumising mascara, which curls the lashes up rather than out, or a product that is waterproof to better avoid those black blotches.

Some glasses can actually magnify makeup imperfections, so always brush your mascara thoroughly to avoid thick clumps.

Our favourite volumising mascaras are: NYX Professional Makeup Propel My Eyes Black MascaraMax Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara and Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara.

Luscious lips

Depending on what frames you wear, bold colours on lips can be great for adding balance to your entire face, especially for achieving a glamorous evening look. However, if you happen to have coloured frames rather than brown, black or metallic, then it’s best to choose a lip shade that won’t clash.

Luscious lip colours: Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque LipstickRevlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor,  Nyx Professional Makeup Full Throttle Lipstick and Burts Bees Lipstick.


The right hairstyle all comes down to the size of your frames. For instance, if you’ve fairly large frames, then a hairstyle that’s voluptuous and big will balance out your glasses, whereas opting for sleek, straightened looks could emphasise your glasses even more. If you have small frames, then long, straight styles are a good choice or even a textured pixie cut.

Thinking about your glasses as a key feature is hugely important in any beauty routine. The right combination can make for a standout look, while the wrong one can be a major fashion fail.


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