4 Amazing Advantages of One-Piece Toilets

Choosing a suitable toilet for one’s bathroom is an integral part of bathroom design. If you are familiar with the latest models and their features, the task is not very cumbersome. After analysing each model’s differences in terms of their design, water consumption, and comfort, people pick up the right one. Owing to the emergence of an ecological model of living as more and more people are now concerned about safeguarding nature and its resources, one-piece toilets are widely preferred.

Of all the available one-piece models in the market, a TOTO washlet is the most sought-after one as they uphold sustainability and cleanliness. Compared to other brands and their models; they have several nuanced features like the TORNADO FLUSH and hybrid ecology system. However, it is crucial to purchase one’s toilet from authorised dealers that allow the customers to buy products at a reasonable price.

Now, let’s look at some of the features and advantages of a one-piece toilet.

Knowing a One-Piece Toilet

While a two-piece toilet consists of two distinct units, it is an integrated system where the cistern connects with the bowl, making the toilet one total unit. From these features, one could easily infer that installing a one-piece model would be relatively more straightforward. All you need to ensure is the water supply and proper drainage facility. This ease is primarily because one-piece toilets are compact and convenient while being compared with other models. Because of their compact design, they fit well into smaller bathrooms as well.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Since there is no separation between the bowl and the tank, one-piece toilet seats are straightforward to clean. There is significantly less room for waste particles/liquid to get stuck in the space between the tank and the bowl. Since there is only a single piece, one does not need to remove the tank and do the cleaning. Additionally, if you are to select a TOTO washlet, you’ll benefit from an EWATER+ facility, ensuring maximum hygiene with its sanitising effect and keeping the harmful bacteria at bay.  

  1. Durability

According to a survey conducted among Melbourne residents last year, most people preferred one-piece toilets over other designs because of their durability factor. Since they come as a single integrated piece, the chances for cracks or leak is significantly less. Even if there occurs an issue, they are usually easily fixable.

  1. Sleek and Stylish Design

The slender and glossy design of one-piece toilet seats makes them the perfect pick that suits the contemporary design well. Apart from providing the necessary aesthetics for a modern toilet, the added advantage is that one does not need to drill many holes in the wall to support the cistern/tank. Additionally, one-piece toilets are placed relatively closer to the ground, making them a perfect choice for families with differently-abled people and small kids.

  1. Smart Use of Technologies

Several necessary features are a part of such premium products. Like the automatic opening and closing of the lid, a soft light feature for usage at night, CEFIONTECT to prevent the settling of debris on the surface, and dual flush technology for controlled water usage are a part of the products made by premium companies like TOTO to ensure maximum comfort for the user.

These are some of the advantages of a one-piece toilet. However, irrespective of the choice of model, make sure to keep your toilet clean and hygienic by adopting a cleaning routine. 

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