5 Important Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Invitation Suite

When it comes to planning your wedding day, one of the most important parts is making sure you have all of the people you care about there to help celebrate such a big day.  This will happen by letting them know with a one of a kind wedding invitation.  However, a wedding invitation is not all business, so here are five tips on what you need to know to have an effective invite that is still fun and conveys your love and personality.

Include Only The Important Details On Your Invitation

Your invitations to the wedding should be concise and not cluttered with details that are not needed.  The most essential information are time, place, and who.  Other information such as accommodations, directions, registry, and any further itinerary info should be put left off the main invitation as not to distract, and that info can be included in additional cards called enclosure cards.

Introduce Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding invitation is often the first notice many of your friends and family receive that you are getting married.  So your invite is a great way to introduce the wedding theme.  You can do this with the type of design you choose as well as your colours.  

Use Your Wedding Colors

Almost every wedding has specific wedding colours they are trying to stick to.  Your invitation is a great place to introduce those colours. Adding those colours to your names and minor design accents will let you show off the colours you choose and what colours the guests can expect at the wedding.  These same colours will need to be used on the guest book for the wedding and wedding signage.

Use Enclosure Cards For The Specifics

As mentioned previously, you do not want to clutter your invitation with details your guests need to know, such as accommodations, etc.  This is where enclosure cards come into play.  You can create as many enclosure cards as you need to make sure guests have all of the information they would need.  Enclosure cards are also handy as they can be included to invite-only individual guests to different wedding events.

Make Sure Your Addresses Are Easy To Read

When you are addressing your envelopes, make sure the font you choose is a practical font.  It may not look as pretty as a very fancy script type font, but you will need to keep in mind that the postmaster will need to read the address in order to deliver the invite, so when it comes to envelopes, form comes before function.

If you follow these five tips, your wedding invitations will turn out perfectly. You will have introduced your guest to your wedding theme, colour, and have given them an invite that is easy to read and contains only the information your guest will need.   You will also have an envelope that has its best chance of getting delivered so that all of your friends and family will be able to attend the big day.

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