4 Easy and Exciting Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

After your honeymoon phase, there always comes a time when dressing up and going out feels like a drag. 

But if you sit down and re-evaluate your relationship, you might realize there is much need for a couple’s alone time. For example, you might just realise that your partner has been too distant this past year, or you might have been so under stress that intimacy has been out of the question for the last month. 

What you and your partner need are to put some effort into rekindling your relationship. Here are four ways to do it! 

1. Put Away Your Phones 

Our phones can be our best friends and, at the same time, our worst enemies. If you and your partner find yourselves scrolling too much after work instead of talking to one another, it’s time to limit your phone time. 

The best thing you can do is turn off your phone after work hours and put it as far from you as possible. Then, decide on a fun movie to watch on Netflix, make some popcorn, and enjoy it with your partner. 

You can also play a game like Monopoly or charades before movie time for added fun!

2. Get a Couple’s Massage 

What could be better than lying beside your partner in the most relaxing environment? 

Try scheduling a couple’s massage on the weekend for ultimate relaxation. If you think full-body massage takes too long, try a foot or facial massage. You won’t regret letting go of all your stress from the weekday by unleashing the strains from your muscles. 

Alternatively, you can check out how to give each other a massage and plan a romantic and chillaxing evening together with candle lights and incense. 

3. Take a Work Out Class Together 

The best way to boost your endorphins and get the dopamine pumping is to get some exercise!

Plan work out together that both of you might like to do. It could be yoga, cardio, or some dancing. If you decide on dancing, there are many online sessions that both of you can try from the comfort of your home. 

Couple dances like Bachata and Kizomba require both your bodies to be as close as possible. So trying these types of sultry Latin dances will do the trick to spice up your life! 

4. Shake Up Your Sexual Routine 

You might think that early turn-ons still work on your partner, but you couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why getting to know each other again on the physical level is essential to re-bridge the gap in your relationship. 

Talking to each other before heading to bed and caressing one another can help increase physical intimacy. Trying other sexual positions or doing it in different locations brings something new to your boring sex life. 

Moreover, conversing about your wants and needs in bed can bring out covert issues that your partner might be dealing with, like premature ejaculation. Health conditions like premature ejaculation can mess up your partner’s confidence and make him close up more, especially if their case gets serious. 

That’s why it’s crucial to be their support when they seek premature ejaculation treatment from a professional. Protip: If you live in Australia, you can visit many places like Rottnest Island to unwind and distress with your partner. Plus, you can get to pet a Quokka!

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