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4 Makeup Removal Mistakes You Should Stop Doing and Do This Instead

Many women around the world wear makeup daily, and for upwards of eight hours or more. Wearing makeup affects your skin, more than some may realise. At the end of the day, removing makeup is very important, and many women make a lot of mistakes when doing so. Luckily, below is a closer look at four different mistakes women make when it comes to removing makeup, and the steps they should take instead.

Do Not Go To Bed With Makeup On

The most essential rule about wearing makeup is removing it at the end of the day. You can find out more here regarding that, and why this is the case. Throughout the day, oil, bacteria, and dirt accumulate on your face and hands. If makeup is not taken off each night, then you are leaving your skin in the dirt, oil, and makeup for a long time. This leads to clogged pores, acne, and makes your complexion look dull.

Instead, clean your skin every night with a good cleanser and moisturizer. Every person should have a nighttime routine that works for their skin type and the amount of makeup they wear daily. Don’t use cleansing wipes to remove makeup, use a good cleanser and water to leave your face fresh and makeup-free. Washing your face each night will protect it and will help the skin look its best as a person ages.

Don’t Wet Your Skin Before Removing Makeup

Water usually dilutes cleansers before they can effectively remove makeup off of your skin. Because of this reason, don’t wet your face before applying the cream or lotion-based cleanser. Instead, massage the cleanser on your dry face for 30 seconds or so.

Then, wet your fingertips with water and massage again for another 30 seconds. Once that is complete, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and make sure you dab a towel on your face to get it dry.

Don’t Use Oil-based Eye Makeup Removers

Just like foundation, it is important to remove eye makeup each night. It is advised that women use a water-based formula versus one that is oil-based. This is because there is a risk of the oil getting into the eyes and causing some puffiness under the eyes. Also, if the oil is not washed off well, then any eye products applied afterward may not be absorbed into the skin correctly, and its effects will be weakened.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If women are honest, they will tell you that they do not clean their makeup brushes as often as they should (a minimum of once a month). Dirty brushes introduce dirt, oil, and bacteria to your skin each time you apply makeup, and it will lead to breakouts and blemishes. Makeup brushes can be washed in various ways, all of which are easy and do not take much time at all.

Do an online search to determine what is the best way for you. For example, if you use a makeup sponge, then make sure to wash it after each use and replace it after using it for three months.

Wearing makeup daily is not bad for your skin, but it is important to remove makeup each night. This should be done earlier in the night and not right before bed. If you do this sooner, then you are less likely to forget and will have time to do the full routine (such as applying a cleansing mask or eye cream).

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