Menstrual Pants- an Ultimate Guide about Everything You Must Know!

Menstrual pants or period pants may seem a little weird to anyone who’s never had an experience with this new clothing. The act of “Bleeding in my panties” may sound gross to you. 

You think, “OMG, No.” 

You’re ready to give up the plan of switching to the same when you stumble upon an exciting and valuable resource like this. 

Well, there is some seriously incredible technology that swears to provide all the ladies out there with wearable, comfortable panties. This lingerie piece absorbs all the liquid, seals in the odor, and helps keep the women dry- all through the day. They’re also super easy to clean, ultra-comfortable, and have earned the laurels of being one of the most functional undergarments. 

It won’t come as a surprise to you that menstrual pants have become one of the hottest period health topics today. And, believe when women say that they’re in absolute love with all they have to offer!

Menstrual Hygiene- What’s all available in the market?

When it comes to menstrual hygiene, the market has numerous choices to offer. Menstrual cups, sanitary pads, and tampons are a few to name. Yet, reusable pieces of clothing like period underwear are gaining added popularity among menstruating women. 

“Period underwear is a sustainable alternative for women. It’s an option that promotes free bleeding. The design is kept to allow easy absorption of menstrual blood, without even blocking the period flow.”

Center for Women’s Health

However, a North Atlanta Women’s Care MD gynecologist- Nicole Sparks believes that period underwears are all about a woman’s lifestyle, comfort level, and finances. 

Are these for the “free bleeders”?

“Free Bleeding” is a process wherein menstruating women bleed without any extra products. Yes, it is a movement supporting a woman’s right to bleed publicly without using different products like pads, cups, tampons, or sponges for catching, collecting, and absorbing blood flow. With the free bleeder’s movement, women no longer have to hide their menstruation to make others comfortable.

The females do so because some do not have access to menstrual products, while the others don’t wish to participate in the waste involved in disposing of pads and tampons. People are thus raising awareness about menstrual pants as they’re a means of allowing free bleeding. It is because of their convenience. The long-lasting usage, odor trapping layer, and water-proof layer make these an ideal choice for women worldwide. 

And, why not? 

Nothing finds insertion into your vagina. The panties are also designed to feel and look like you’re wearing regular underwear. And, you’ll believe when the experts say that with period underwear, your days will be pretty standard as they used to be, and you won’t have to purchase any particular products. You also don’t need to change your underwear mid-day. A sigh of relief, right?

And, this leads to the next question. 

How frequently do you need to change them?

The good news for all women is that they can wear them all day/night for 8-12 hours possibly. Although these are meant to be used as a backup option for cups and tampons, women use them on lighter days. However, it becomes essential to know your flow and determine if you’ll be able to go all day with these!

What are the things to consider before choosing a menstrual pant?

Experts give their inside scoop about period pants and why they’re becoming so popular. They exclaim that “It isn’t what you think it is,” she says people are cynical about the idea of their usage.

Nevertheless, before you try these on your own, here are some things you need to know about menstrual pants. These are:

  • They allow you to be environmentally friendly:

Studies reveal that an average American woman tosses around seven pounds of menstrual hygiene products. That means about 700 million pounds a year of products being thrown out, which obviously will never find their usage again.

Ladies know, that’s a lot of waste!

If you begin using period underwear, you’ll never turn a keen eye to panty liners purchase again. You’ll have to buy fewer tampons. And, the carbon footprint will reduce in this manner. Thus, you’re putting less strain on our Mother Earth. 

  • You’re supporting the women-oriented business with their purchase:

Period underwear companies came into existence to solve the problems of women for women. These have come a long way because women realized the pressing need for taking care of women’s menstrual hygiene. 

Many women entrepreneurs have been combining their eagle-eyed business sense with groundbreaking innovations- the entire essence of improving the lives of women.

  • Cute clothing pieces:

Gone are the days when the stifling diapers had to escape the eyes of society. The period panties available today are adorable, and these pants are the first thing to wear and the last to remove. Thus, women should enjoy wearing them to feel beautiful inside and out!

As a result, athleisure designers move a step forward to suit different tastes. Some options available in the market are high-rise cuts, athletic bikinis, simple thongs, lacy boyshorts, etc. There are also numerous colors to choose from. The best part is that you no longer have to sacrifice looks for functionality. 

After all, it’s all about good looks, good looks, and good looks!

  • You can even wear them while you’re not on your period:

Period panties manufacturers often exclaim meeting people who turn to them for all sorts of reasons, even when they’re not menstruating. Pro period underwear users consider them as ideal pieces of clothing, even as their everyday panty. These are a go-to-go option for many women when they’re active. Since the fabric is moisture-wicking, has an odor trapping layer, and is absorbent, these have become a fantastic option for yoga, sports, and fitness. 

Insider’s final takeaway:

One of the best benefits of a period underwear design is that you can bleed free while the fabric absorbs period blood. These pants also prevent leakages onto your clothes and skin. 

Environmentalists are all thumbs up for their usage as these are an environment-friendly alternative to one-time use products like tampons and pads. When choosing the right underwear for yourself, the first thing to do is step away from the conventional items and begin your experimentation process. 

On a similar note, you have all the freedom to choose the right products for your body. Maybe this year, you use period underwear, and the next, you use another new-fangled product to fit your changing needs.

Women, it’s all about experimentation, in the end!

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