4 Reasons to Stop Using Makeup Wipes Right Now

Each makeup wipe in the landfill takes around 100 years to break down. 

Couple this with the fact that millions of wipes are used every single day and you’ve got a recipe for everlasting waste. Fortunately, these pesky wipes aren’t the only way to remove your daily glam. 

Follow along to discover four undeniable reasons to ditch your makeup wipes and what alternatives are out there for removing makeup. 

1. Harsh Chemicals

Unless you’re investing a pretty penny in natural makeup remover wipes, chances are your wipes are packed full of harmful chemicals. 

Because makeup wipes are designed to break down your foundation, mascara, and any other glamorous cosmetics, they tend to employ some pretty heavy-duty stripping agents. The problem with this is that the chemicals don’t just stop at stripping away your makeup.

These chemicals actually impact your skin’s PH balance, causing the protective layer known as the acid mantle to wear away. This protective layer is responsible for keeping moisture in as well as dirt and pore-clogging materials out. When we strip it away, the result is often imperfections, dried-out skin, and even increased sensitivity. 

2. Leftover Makeup Particles

It may come as a surprise to learn that makeup remover wipes don’t actually clean your skin. Instead, they work to break down the makeup and leave behind makeup particles and other unwanted dirt. 

In essence, by wiping your face daily with these bacteria-ridden cloths, you’re pushing pollutants and residue further and further into your pores. Imagine the impact that will have on your complexion. 

3. Hard on Sensitive Skin

The surface of a makeup wipe actually acts as a mechanical exfoliator. While this may sound appealing for oily skin or tough to remove makeup, the daily abrasion is more likely to lead to irritated skin. 

Not only can it leave your sensitive skin feeling raw and rashy, but the rough material rubbing on sensitive areas such as the eyelids and lips can also result in premature wrinkles. If early aging isn’t a good enough reason to ditch this awful skincare routine, we don’t know what is!

4. Bad for the Environment

As we mentioned above, makeup remover wipes are anything but welcome in our landfills. Beyond the wipe itself taking ages to break down, the chemicals in the remover leach into the earth and cause contamination. 

This single-use product is one of the worst culprits for daily waste and the only real way to avoid it is to abandon them altogether. 

Alternatives to Makeup Wipes

While never using a makeup wipe again sounds great, the fact is, you still need a solution for removing makeup. 

This is where innovative products like reusable makeup remover pads and 3-in-1 cleansers come in. Both of these options result in no daily waste and are much gentler on the skin. 

If washing makeup remover pads daily isn’t your jam, high-quality cleansers that remove makeup and wash away dirt and debris can be applied with just the fingers! These cleansers preserve your skin’s natural oils while taking all makeup particles with them,  leaving you with beautiful, clear, and fresh skin. Just wet your face, cleanse and wipe off with a wet face washer. 

Removing Makeup Responsibly

Now that you know the impact makeup wipes have on your skin and the environment, it’s time to take action. Switch up your skincare routine today and embrace happy, healthier skin!

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