Cosiness Is Key To Winter Home Style, Here’s How To Achieve It!

The weather has taken a turn, and it is incredibly cold outside, meaning that it is safe to say that the winter weather is now officially here. The good news is that your home will act as your buffer from the cold, providing you with a warm and cosy space to hide away from the cold in, or at least, it should do. But what happens if your home is not the cosy bolt hole that you want it to be? You dream all day long about going home to somewhere that is the epitome of comfort and cosiness, but sadly your home does not offer you this. Having a home that lacks cosiness and comfort is, without a doubt, a total nightmare.

Don’t despair if your home is not as cosy and inviting as it could be, as you can quite easily fix this; it’s just a case of getting the ideas and inspiration that you need to do so. The good news is that making your home cosier is not as difficult as you would think, in fact, it is actually a much easier task than you may realise. All you need to do is make a few changes to the aesthetics of your home, and you can turn it into a space that is wonderfully cosy.

One thing to be aware of when it comes to making your home into a cosier and more comfortable space is the risk of over accessorising and causing clutter. A lot of the time when people attempt to make their homes into cosier spaces, they make the mistake of accidentally cluttering up their homes. Don’t mistake minimalism for a lack of cosiness and over accessorise as a result, as this never looks good. Learn what it takes to actually make your home feel cosier, more comfortable, and more welcoming.

For everything that you need to know to transform your home into the epitome of cosiness and comfort, read on.

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Use the right colours

When it comes to creating a space that looks and feel cosy, it is important to realise that the colours in that space are crucial. The fact is that there are some colours that scream comfort and warmth, and others that actually make the space feel cooler, like certain shades of blue, for instance. For creating a cosy vibe, think about the colours that make you feel warm and comfortable. Have you ever been to a really fancy hotel, if the answer is yes, ask yourself what colours their rooms incorporated and use these to make your own home cosier? Neutral shades like cream and grey can work really well when creating cosy spaces, particularly when paired with warm-toned colours like yellow and red. Need some ideas for how you can incorporate these colours into your home? Take the time to have a browse on Pinterest for some useful ideas.

Light it up

When it comes to cosiness, there is one feature that defines the living room, and that is a fireplace. There is something about homes with a fireplace, they instantly ooze comfort, cosiness and warmth, and it is easy to see why. If your home has a fireplace, make sure to utilise it properly and take full advantage of it. It is not just about the fire itself, although this does add a fantastic sense of warmth, but it is also about the things around it, such as the fireplace and its decorations. Top the fireplace with a selection of winter-scented candles – think berry, orange and spiced scents – and stick a basket by the fire to store throws in for you and your guests to snuggle up under. If you don’t have a fireplace but would love one, how about considering having a gas fireplace installed? You may not be able to have a ‘real’ fire, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create the illusion of having one.

Pillows and throws are powerful

If you want to add a quick sense of additional cosiness to any room in the house, a selection of pillows and throws are a fantastic way to do it. There is something about rooms that have a selection of pillows and throws in them, isn’t there? These spaces always look and feel incredibly comfortable and cosy. So if your home doesn’t have throws and cushions dotted around and doesn’t feel all that cosy, this could be why. The fantastic thing about throws and cushions is that they aren’t expensive to buy, or at least, they don’t have to be. You can pick these up incredibly cheaply online or from your local DIY store.

Texture is vital

When it comes to cosiness, texture really is everything. To create a space that feels homely and

cosy, consider incorporating a range of textures into your home. This means choosing throws that come in all different fabrics, from knitted and crocheted woollen affairs to faux fur and cashmere designs. By choosing to incorporate a selection of fabrics into your home, you can ensure that it has that warm and welcoming look to it. If you have ever stayed in a log cabin somewhere cold, then the chances are that you know how cosy and welcoming various, layered textures can look. From faux fur rugs to woollen knitted throws, when it comes to cosiness, you can never have too many textures.


While using too many accessories in your home can be a mistake, that doesn’t mean that using accessories has to be. As long as you are selective about the accessories that you use, you can incorporate a few well thought out pieces into your home without causing clutter. If you want to know the best accessories to add to your home to make it look and feel cosier, it is a good idea to take the time to get inspired. You will find that searching ‘#CosyHome’ on Instagram or searching Pinterest for ideas, as mentioned above, will be all that you need to get the inspiration that you need. There are plenty of accessories that can give your home that additional cosy touch, it’s just a case of making sure that you don’t overdo it with the accessories and make your home look and feel cluttered.

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Lighting is crucial

There is no getting away from the fact that when it comes to cosiness, lighting is vital. The best thing that you can do with your lighting to create a cosier atmosphere is layer it. Instead of having just one overhead light in each room, layer your lighting. This means having a few table lamps around, as well as a couple of strings of fairy lights, and some candles (these can be LED candles) dotted around. What you can also do is install a dimmer switch to make it easier to tone your lights down. Or, an easier option is to invest in Hive technology for your home, which uses smart light bulbs to allow you to dim your lights from an app on your smartphone.

Add some greenery

There is something about adding a little greenery to your home that can have a big impact on how welcoming the space feels. While you could opt to dot fake flowers around (or fresh blooms), another option is to invest in a couple of indoor pot plants. Pick out a couple of leafy green plants, or if you are feeling festive, a couple of red-leafed indoor house plants. It’s amazing a couple of potted plants can have on how welcoming a home looks and feels, but they really can have an incredible impact.

Incorporate scents

Of all the things that can have an impact on how cosy your home feels, the smell of the space is one that many people don’t ever consider. The fact is that there are certain scents that make you feel cosy and comfortable, such as when you walk into a Christmas market, and smell mulled wine and instantly feel welcome. So by incorporating these scents into your home, you can help to create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. A great way to add a scent to your home is to dot scented candles around, or if you are not a fan of candles, an electric wax melter could work well. If you are going to be having guests and want to make your home smell welcoming, putting a roll of cookie dough in the oven a few minutes before they arrive can work well, as there’s something about the smell of baking that helps people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about transforming your home into a warmer, more welcoming, and cosier place to be. It may not seem like something that is easy to do, but the fact is that when it comes to turning your home into a cosier and more welcoming space, it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. By taking note of the tips and pieces of advice above and implementing them, you can ensure that your home is as comfortable and cosy as possible, and is somewhere that is warm and welcoming for everyone who visits.

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