4 Smart and Clever Ways to Store Your Sex Toys

More people are invested in their sex toys nowadays. Due to the government-imposed lockdowns, the sales of sex toys in Australia reached record highs in 2020. Adult toy stores like wildsecrets saw record-breaking sales as people became more interested in trying new things to avoid boredom at home. 

According to a report, sex toys purchases tripled 48 hours after the New Zealand government announced the lockdown on March 25, 2020. A similar situation took place in other countries like the UK and New Zealand. But since the majority of the people who purchased adult toys are first-timers, learning about the proper ways of storing these items is necessary so they can enjoy using them for a long time. 

Tip #1: Clean the Toys Before and After Putting It Into Action

Even if you invest in a good storage space for your toys, these items may eventually become dusty or sticky over time. Some of these toys are designed with porous materials that may eventually deteriorate and become sticky. It will lead to bacterial growth, especially in hard-to-clean areas. 

Cleaning the toys properly before storing them is necessary if you want to enjoy your purchases for years. You can wash it with antibacterial soap and water. But if you want to make it more hygienic, you may sterilise the items in boiling water to kill the germs. Stores like wild secrets also sell special toy cleaners for faster and more efficient cleaning. 

Tip #2: Keep Them Dry While In Storage 

Before keeping your sex toys in their bin, you need to ensure that you dry them first. Even the littlest damp part can cause the rapid growth of bacteria that can destroy the material. 

Also, it is necessary to store the toys in a dry, arid place. You must avoid putting it in plastic bags as much as possible because it can attract excess moisture. After drying, you may also cover it in corn-starch or special toy powder to keep them from becoming sticky.  

Tip #3: Avoid Overcrowding 

Sex toys made using rubber or silicone can cause chemical reactions when rubbed against each other. As a result, it can destroy the toy’s barriers and make it unusable after some time. 

If you have plenty of soft and squishy sex toys, they are at higher risk of encountering chemical breakdown. So you need to keep them separated to preserve their quality. As much as possible, store them in smaller boxes or invest in bacteria-resistant pouches made with satin to avoid rubbing against the other toys.  

Tip #4: Always Observe the Quality of the Toys 

If you are using your adult toys for quite a while, you need to inspect them before and after playing with them to check for any warping, deterioration, or discolouration. When these flaws become visible, it means they are already showing evidence of chemical breakdown. 

You also need to check for sharp edges or chips on your metal or glass toys, especially after having an extra wild encounter. Inspecting the batteries is also ideal if you keep some vibrators in your collection to avoid battery leaks. 

Aside from these tips, keeping your precious sex toys in the most secure location is also crucial. You would not appreciate it if your mother-in-law or your kid found out where you keep your stash. So always look for a discreet and safe place to avoid unauthorised access to your adult toy collection.

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