4 Tips To Transform Your Bedroom



The bedroom is one of those rooms that has always been an enigma. It’s so private and personal, but it can be very hard to make significant changes in there. A lot of the time you find yourself shackled by space or constrained by familiarity. But, I would pose to you that there is a lot you can do to transform your bedroom. And some of it will never have occurred to you to do before.

I love the fact that my room is the one part of the home that belongs solely to me. And I like to make changes and alterations that reflect my personal tastes and interests. I’m going to share with you some things that you’ve maybe not considered that I think will transform your bedroom.

  1. Blinds

Most people tend to go for curtains in their bedrooms, but I think you should go with blinds. You’ll be surprised by the difference they can make to the feel of the room. The look at little more modern and trendy. You don’t have to worry about washing them, and they often do a much better job of keeping the light out. Of course, you’ll have to measure up and make sure you choose the right sort of style. But, overall, I would recommend you use blinds over curtains.


  1. Wood Furniture

I think that having furniture in your bedroom is an excellent idea. Naturally, it will depend on whether you have the space to do so. But if you do I’d think hard seriously about adding in furniture where you can. Have a look at getting a desk and chair, a sitting chair for reading (and, let’s face it, storing clothes) and perhaps a dresser or bedside table. Maybe take advantage of the Scandi trend at the moment, which heavily utilises wood. For some Scandi ideas try Pinterest or home decor and design magazines. There are many places you can find bedroom furniture in oak or pine, and they will really help to benefit and improve the bedroom by adding warmth and a natural feel. I’d suggest trying to add in some furniture that’s a little unusual for a bedroom as well. That way you add an extra dimension to the room.

  1. Air Conditioning and heating

The worst kind of time is when it’s very hot and humid at home, and you just can’t get comfortable, leading to lack of sleep. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed and being too hot to sleep or freezing cold. And that’s why the best suggestion I can make is to add split system air conditioning in the bedroom. There are plenty of companies you can contact to come and install units for you. Having air con in your room helps to keep it cool and refreshing or warm and toasty. You can enjoy being comfortable and contented in a room where you can regulate the temperature.

  1. Walk-In Wardrobe

As a woman the one thing I’d like to see in every bedroom is, of course, a walk-in wardrobe! Think about how much more convenient this would be, and how many more pairs of shoes you could fit in! Bedroom design ideas every woman will love will surely include a walk-in wardrobe. You will have more space, and the room will look smarter and more contemporary. A walk-in wardrobe is a must-have bedroom staple for any modern woman!

All these things are going to massively transform your bedroom. They will turn it into a much more functional room in the home. Not to mention the fact that the room will look much better. Remember, your bedroom is the one place that’s solely yours. So go nuts and do whatever you want in there.


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