Garden Improvements: How To Create A Manageable Outdoor Space


Most people love spending time outside enjoying their gardens. However, many folks are far too busy to spend time working on their outdoor space. With that in mind, there is some advice on this page that should help to provide some inspiration. By making small alterations to the garden, it’s possible to reduce the amount of maintenance work involved. Readers don’t have to choose any of the tips from this article when creating their plan for this year. Still, the ideas are guaranteed to allow homeowners to spend less time working and more time relaxing in their outdoor spaces.

Create a decked patio area

Nobody wants to sit on their grass if the weather is less than perfect. Also, people who host garden parties won’t want their guests to get their shoes dirty. So, it makes sense to build a decked patio area and keep people off the lawn. Experts like Futurewood say that is one of the best ways to reduce the level of maintenance people have to perform. It’s also much less expensive than most people imagine. The benefits of garden decking include:

  • Levelling out uneven ground
  • Providing a stable platform above the lawn
  • Increasing property values
  • Easy to modify

Plant evergreen trees and shrubs

Depending on where homeowners live in the world, they are going to find lots of native species that can survive in their climate. Using trees and shrubs of that nature is an excellent move because they don’t shed their leaves during the winter time. That means people won’t have to spend time outside clearing debris from their grass during the springtime. Some of the most popular evergreen species are:

  • Douglas fir
  • Blue spruce
  • Bay laurel
  • Arborvitae
  • Eastern hemlock

If anyone has any questions or concerns, just ask the staff at local garden centres for advice. People in jobs of that nature tend to have a lot of useful knowledge.

Use slabs and paving to reduce lawn size

Adding a slabbed or paved area towards the bottom of the garden is a wise move. That helps to provide a platform for people who want to build a barbecue or something similar. However, it also reduces the size of the lawn, and that means people won’t have to spend as much time using their lawn mower. Again, it’s possible to complete that task without breaking the bank. Lots of homeowners sell leftover slabs and paving on online auction websites these days. So, it’s just a case of shopping around and looking for the best prices. In most instances, homeowners can lay the slabs without professional assistance. Just be sure to use a spirit level.

Those ideas should be enough to point readers in the right direction. The best ways to create a manageable outdoor space often involve reducing the amount of grass people have to cut every few months. Other suggestions might include planting some flower beds or adding a greenhouse and growing some vegetables. Just use some imagination and come up with a plan as soon as possible. Within a couple of months, the weather will take a turn for the worse and most people will spend their free time indoors. So, act fast, and it’s possible to get the garden ready for next summer.


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