4 Ways To Wear Jeans With Heels

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Jeans and heels are usually delegated to opposite ends of the style spectrum of our wardrobes.

Heels automatically connote a sleek, polished look that requires concentration to pull off, not only in style, but also in walking.

Jeans, on the other hand, portray a casual, comfortable feel, far removed from the sophisticated and sometimes painful high heel.

However, pairing heels and jeans together is a popular fashion trend, and when done properly, can either dress up a casual ensemble, or add a carefree look to a polished outfit.

Pairing jeans with high heels is a trending style that requires some thought before achieving the correct look. Though there are many different kinds of jeans that come in varied cuts and colours, and most of them can be paired well with high-heeled shoes, the most popular jean to wear with heels is the skinny jean or folded up boyfriend jeans.

The trick is in finding the right kind of jean, skinny, or otherwise, and pairing it with the right kind of heel, should first know the different options and styles available. Stillettos, pumps, block heel and kitten heels the choice is huge and can change an outfit in an instant.

Denim is a staple in every wardrobe, but it doesn’t have to be relegated to casual Friday. Fashion force Moanalani Jeffrey will show you how to dress up your jeans with different styles of statement-making heels:

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