Your Ultimate His And Hers Accessories Guide

olivia P coupleIf you’re putting together a great ensemble for an outfit, complete it with a great complement of accessories. There are plenty to choose from too. Whether you’re styling for him, or you’re styling for her, accessories will top off your fashion choices perfectly. We’ve put together your ultimate style guide for accessories to help you create the ultimate outfit for 2015:


It doesn’t matter what the weather throws at you. A hat can accent your style beautifully. This year has seen a great range of fedora hats for women. With a good variety of colours and brim widths, a fedora can suit almost any face shape. For the guys, the ultimate casual look is borne from a cheeky flat hat. There are few great colour choices available, but we really like the traditional brown-greys. provided this image



Guys and gals everywhere have been sporting some great neckwear this last season. The trend is set to continue. For a casual look pick natural fibres and materials like wood. Simple is best for a casual look. For something smarter to suit a cocktail dress try a splash of sparkle. Diamond pendants for her drop beautifully from shorter chains and chokers. For guys, the humble chain has made a comeback, but maybe leave the pendant behind for this season. provided this image



Guys look incredible in scarves whether they are styling something casual or formal. Shorter lengths remain the trending option. For girls, the choice isn’t so simple. A smart or work outfit looks great finished off with a small scarf tied high. In colder weather, wool is the way. Choose a single colour or something with stripes in tones of the same colour. There are dozens of ways to tie or wear a scarf. Whatever your look, the scarf is the ultimate accessory to complete it.

burberry scarf


The belt isn’t just a practical tool to prevent your pants falling down! It is also a statement of style and taste. Men’s belts with a closed brushed steel buckle have been adorning the trousers of celebs everywhere these past few months. The belt itself is narrow in black or dark brown leather. The look is simple but very classy. Women seem to have an enormous choice again this season. The waist cincher is a wider belt, often with a degree of elasticated material. It helps create the illusion of a narrow waist. Loose belts look great with casual outfits.

belted dress

Costume Jewellery

Bracelets work really well with casual outfits for both men and women. Natural materials like wood and leather strands have been very popular. They create interest and texture at the arms. Sleeves that finish high up the forearm are just begging for bangles and bracelets to complete the look. Longer-length necklaces of chunky beads suit both men and women if you’re donning the linen shirt this season.


Every outfit looks great when it’s completed by accessories. Cufflinks, tie-pins and button holes are only one small part of a man’s accessory collection this season. For women, nothing says style more than her ensemble of accessories. Get on trend with your fashion accessories this year.


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