5 Daily Habits to Keep Your Home Tidy

Between work, cooking meals, heading to the gym and having a social life, finding the time to keep your house clean can seem near impossible. Things only get more complicated when you add pets and children into the mix! If you’re feeling constantly overwhelmed or disappointed at the state of your home, don’t fret. Here are five routines or habits you can implement that will have a real impact on just how tidy your home is.

The One-Minute Rule

Gretchin Rubin, the acclaimed author of ‘The Happiness Project’ and organisational whiz, has long spoken of the benefits of the ‘One-minute rule’. Here’s how it works: if the task or chore or thing that really should be done will take less than a minute, then make like a Nike ad and just do it. It is amazing how these three words will change your approach to cleaning; in no time at all, you’ll be hanging coats on hooks, settling your shoe rack, washing that dirty coffee cup and placing that empty chocolate wrapper in the bin! You just need to get in the habit of asking yourself, ‘Will this take less than a minute?’

Put Everything in its Place

Another great habit to make stick is to religiously ensure that everything is in its place. This doesn’t mean developing an obsessive compulsion; if the remote is on a different chair or table every night, that’s okay, as long as it’s not on the floor! Similarly, ensure that clothes are folded neatly, your towels are hung up, toys are put away in a toy chest, and the dishwasher is emptied regularly.

Before Bed Assessment

During the 15 minutes before you turn in for the night, walk around your home and quickly assess what needs to be tidied. This is the perfect opportunity to apply your one-minute rule and finish the day feeling productive and satisfied. Let’s not forget that your home will also benefit!

Identify Items to Throw or Store

In our day-to-day lives, we will often come across belongings that aren’t quite working as they used to or simply are gathering dust. Keep a tidy home by being as ruthless as possible. This means quickly identifying which items can be discarded or which possessions are simply taking up space and making your house or apartment look cluttered. Self-storage companies such as Fort Knox can offer secure units in which you can store all those things that get used irregularly but are still considered precious. Some providers can even make packing supplies available for purchase, to make the process easier. Check out more information here.

Recognise Your Efforts Each Morning

Did you complete your before-bed assessment the night earlier? Have you been adhering to the one-minute rule? If so, give yourself a pat on the back and bask in the cleanly state of your home every morning. Concentrate on all the positive emotions you experience as you see clothes neatly folded, the kitchen sink shining and empty, and your kid’s room free of toys on the floor. Make a habit of doing this and you’ll be positively reinforcing all the other helpful habits mentioned above.

What sort of habits do you like to keep when it comes to organisation and cleaning? Are you generally on top of things?

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