5 Different Styles Of Gin And The Right Way Of Drinking Them


Every gin enthusiast knows that no two types of gins are created equal. Some varieties are ideal for mixing in cocktails, while others are best suited to be drunk straight. There’s only one thing that all styles of gins share. It’s them being crisp, clear liquor, which gets their flavour from juniper berries. Today, gins have become even more accessible than before. 

There’s no doubt that gin is a complex liquor. Various ingredients are added during the distillation process, creating interesting botanical notes like orange, peel, lemon, coriander, and the like. Every gin has its unique character. To enjoy it to the utmost, drink it in a style that helps you get the most out of its flavour. Here’s how you do it.


Genever is the origin gin style that was first distilled for medicinal purposes during the Middle Ages. It predates all the gin styles. Genever has two types. The first is oude or old, which is aromatic and sweet. The other is jonge or young, characterised by its drier palette and lighter body. 

Genever is a classic gin style that should be drunk on the rocks. You can add a little touch of citrus to it from a lemon or lime if you want. 

Old Tom 

This type of gin is drier and more full-bodied than Genever. Old Tom is a gin style that acts as an intermediate between Genever and London Dry. It’s an old-fashioned gin that has just recently been revived. Therefore, you cannot find many brands selling this style of liquor.

Old Tom should be consumed with some ice and strained into a glass. Don’t forget to add some lemon peel to it before serving. The peel works to provide it with a bit of fragrance and enhances the aroma of the botanicals. 

London Dry 

It’s often seen as the benchmark for high-quality gin because of the balanced bouquet of citrus and juniper with floral notes synthesised from the botanicals. Ask any bartender about their favourite gin, and you will always hear the reply, ‘dry, light-bodied London Dry.’

This type of gin style is ideal in classic gin and tonic. It’s also perfect in a dry martini, where the fragrant notes effortlessly complement the floral hints of the gin.

Navy Strength 

Navy Strength is a sailor’s gin having a crisp flavour profile with a touch of citrusy juniper. The huge alcohol content makes it perfect for highly flavourful and fragrant cocktails.

When you are making a cocktail with Navy Strength, do not use it as the base. Instead, use a lighter gin for it and top off your cocktail with a Navy Strength shot. You’ll get the right kick of it and also find yourself appreciating its mild botanical notes.


This style of gin possesses an earthy flavour with loads of botanicals and fruit. Plymouth is indeed vegetal, herby, and earthy. The artisanal production methods, intricate flavour profile, and seamless structure ensure that this gin is labelled as a ‘single malt of gins.’ 

It’s a classic gin style, so ensure that you can savour the fragrance of the botanicals. Serve it with tonic over ice and a lemon or lime squeeze. Garnish it simply with coriander or orange.

The different gin styles ensure that you enjoy your drink and appreciate every bit of its flavour. Look for a timely gin delivery service that allows you to savour a range of native Australian gin by getting them delivered to your doorstep in as little as five days. 

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