5 Minimal Floral Ideas To Reduce Wedding Costs

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Planning and successfully executing a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. There’s a lot of planning involved, and you’d usually have to make some major decisions regarding the theme and design of your big day months before the date of your ceremony.  

One crucial aspect of your wedding is the flowers you’d use as they bring life to the occasion and make your celebration more memorable. However, floral arrangements for weddings aren’t cheap. If you want to save money on your blooms, try to keep the following tips in mind.  

  1. Pick The Main Flower  

If you want to save money on your flower arrangements to have more budget for other aspects of your wedding, try to stick with just one type of blooms instead of getting too many variations. Purchasing flowers that aren’t in season may cost you more since they’re harder to source. 

On the other hand, using easily accessible and low-cost ones would help you stay within your flower budget.  Check your wedding flower timeline to see if the type you want for your big day would be available or not. 

Try not to worry about how your wedding would turn out even if you’d use only one type of flower. You could always style your bouquet, centerpieces, and venue accents with ribbons or small ornaments to make your flowers stand out. For instance, if you use white roses throughout your ceremony, you could accentuate them with pastel-colored ribbons to fit your overall wedding theme.  

  1. Use Filler Flowers  

Being smart about your budget doesn’t have to compromise the atmosphere you want for your wedding day. If you know how to make your flowers stand out, you’d have appealing arrangements that would bring your venue to life. 

One way to make your floral design look lively is by mixing your primary blooms with filler flowers. Small accent flowers don’t usually cost much and are easy to find, so you wouldn’t have trouble buying them. You could use them to fill any gaps in your flower arrangements to make them stand out. Fillers would also add a subtle touch of elegance and color to your wedding ceremony.  

Two of the most popular filler flowers you could use are dandelions and chrysanthemums. They’re small and have soft tones, so they won’t overwhelm your arrangement. If you’re unfamiliar with styling your flowers for your ceremony, you could always check out some wedding ideas to see which one you’d like best.  

  1. Add A Nonfloral Item 

If you’re worried the flowers you’d get for your wedding day wouldn’t be enough to adequately decorate your venue, try to style them with nonfloral items like candles or a vase. You could instantly fill up space where you’d place your flower arrangements if you design them with pieces that fit your wedding theme. 

For example, if you want to draw the attention of your guests to the table centerpieces, you could put flowers in an intricate container made of glass or ceramic. Some caterers or venues provide centerpiece items as part of their wedding packages, so try to check those out. You could save some of your funds if you pick wedding suppliers that offer additional services for a minimal fee.  

  1. Repurpose Your Flower Arrangements  

Planning your wedding could take a lot of work. You’d need to think about the design of your venue as well as the entire flow of your ceremony. Some nuptials have separate locations for the wedding rites and the after-party, while others hold the whole celebration in one place. Before you pick your flowers, consider how you plan your wedding day to go. Will you stay in the same place the entire day, or do you plan on having a different reception? 

Asking these questions could help determine how you’d repurpose some of your wedding decorations. For example, if you had your wedding in a church, you could bring the altar and aisle decorations from the church to your reception to design the cake table or venue entrance. After all, there’s no reason to leave them behind when they’re still in perfect condition. You may always talk to your florist about how you could maximize the use of your flowers so you could get the most value out of your money.  

  1. Use Fake Flowers  

If there’s a flower you want for your wedding decoration that’s out of your budget or isn’t in season, you could always opt for fake ones, which usually cost less. There’s no rule against using synthetic floral decorations and mixing them with fresh blooms for your nuptials. This way, you could create the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of for your special day without compromising your wallet. 

For instance, if you want to have orchid accents throughout your venue, you could always buy artificial ones that look real. They’d easily blend in with the fresh flowers in your arrangements and wouldn’t affect your wedding theme.  

Final Thoughts  

Flowers are arguably one of the essential pieces in a wedding. They bring life to the celebration and also create an ambiance of elegance and beauty. However, it’s no secret that they also cost a significant amount of money. If you want to stay within your budget, you could always make minor adjustments to your wedding plans, like sticking with one type of flower or using nonfloral ornaments together with your floral arrangements.  

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