Your Beautiful Wedding Made Easy


Now you’re formally engaged, it’s time to start designing your beautiful wedding. There are many things you can put your personal stamp on. Best of all, you can look to coordinate everything to follow a theme or favourite colour scheme. Of course, planning a wedding takes a lot of work. It can keep you busy for months! So how do you make your special day beautiful without working yourself too hard?


Start with a mood board or scrapbook. You can even create a board on Pinterest to collate all your favourite ideas. When it comes to booking a venue, you need to choose the one that suits your budget, location and guest numbers. Remember, you can beautify the reception area when you come to decorate. You may need a little imagination or a lot of ideas if you’re visiting a venue that isn’t currently decorated.


Once you’ve booked the Registrar and the reception venue, you’re ready to prepare the wedding invitations. These should be designed carefully. After all, they can act as a sneak preview of your wedding day. Think about colour choice and pattern to help it match to your overall design ideas. You can design them yourself, or consult a printer to see if they have a design ready for you that matches your needs.


You can even customise your wedding rings. Many couples engrave the inside of the rings with a private message of love and adoration. You can go another step further and design the whole ring. Choose the colour metal to suit your wedding theme. Shapes and patterns can also be matched.


The wedding dress is often the focus of attention for everyone at the wedding. If your budget is big enough, you might choose to have a designer create a unique dress based on your ideas. Of course, buying off the peg is quicker and easier, and there are plenty of beautiful designs available.


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The decor for your wedding can be managed by you, your friends, or a wedding designer. You’ll need chair hire and linen hire to help make the room elegant and chic. Centre pieces are often ordered from the florist. But there’s nothing stopping you purchasing them elsewhere. Some people like to create their own if they’re particularly crafty. Artificial flowers are ideal for this.


The wedding cake can also be designed to tie in with your wedding theme. Many people have a tiered cake. Three tiers are the most popular. Each layer can be a different type of cake so it caters for all tastes. Typically wedding cakes are fruit cakes, but you can have a sponge, chocolate, or anything else that suits your wedding design. The decorations for the cake usually include a little bride and groom at the top. You can buy these made of plastic, or design them from icing or marzipan.


It can be simpler than you thought to create a beautiful wedding. It’s not necessary to take all the planning, organising and design on yourself. Hiring in some professionals often gives you access to better quality decorations. It saves you having to set everything up yourself on your big day too. Accept help where you can. Enjoy your beautiful wedding day.


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