5 Noble Acts During Pregnancy that can Help Society

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. If you’re a mother who has gone through pregnancy then you know the mesmerising feeling of carrying around a new life inside you. A part of you is growing inside you to become a healthy and happy individual. The whole process of pregnancy to the point of delivery is by no means an easy one. Giving birth is the most painful and discomforting thing but it is the love for the child that gives a mother all the strength she needs. It is important to take care of yourself during this time but if you manage to think about others during this, then there is no greater deed that the world can witness. Thinking about helping society while bearing a child is the epitome of bravery, love, and selflessness. Let’s look at some of these ways in which you as a pregnant woman can help society.

Donate breast milk

A baby is supposed to be fed his mother’s breast milk which contains a high level of nutrients and antibodies that will facilitate the proper growth of the child. There are some unfortunate mothers who can not produce this milk due to some conditions and ailments. So you must be wondering “can a mother donate some milk to another helpless mother?”. Well yes! Doing so will ensure their child’s healthy growth because of your kind-hearted gesture.

Donate cord blood

Cord blood is starting to emerge as a highly valued resource to fight a lot of lethal diseases. Cord blood has stem cells that help doctors to experiment for cures related to leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, inherited abnormalities, and many more. Cord blood-related research has already found cures for most of these diseases. So if a mother asks “Can you use cord blood stem cells for siblings too?” then the answer would be “yes of course!”. The blood you donate might someday end up helping your children out too.

Guide other pregnant women

Many pregnant women are very nervous before and after getting pregnant. Taking advice from a website or a blog on your computer may not be the most comforting thing. Instead, receiving advice from a pregnant mother like you will give you much more confidence and faith. So you should strive to be the mother who supports and helps other mothers through every step of pregnancy. They will feel much better knowing you are there to watch their backs.

Volunteer for research 

There are many things that we still do not completely understand during childbirth. Offering yourself as a subject to study while pregnant might sound very dangerous but most studies involve just tracking and scrutinising every little change happening to your body. Such type of research will not bring any harm to your baby and you will also end up helping out future child-bearers through the research being done on you.

Work from home

Even working mothers can contribute to their family and society by sitting at home and working. Work from home is something that has been incorporated in all our lives since the coronavirus pandemic and no one is a stranger to it. Similar to the lockdown situation, a pregnant mother can stay home, away from the dangers of the outside, while still being productive.

Only you as a mother would know the sacrifices and pain behind the delivery of a child. Rising up above all the pain and still looking out for others is the most honourable act you can do.

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