5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Moissanite Engagement Ring


A big congratulations on the announcement of your engagement. Now is the time to pop up with the thought of buying an exclusive and perfect ring. Buying an engagement ring is a joyous time full of excitement. After all, it is a time when two hearts finally decided to stay with each other forever. To ornate this special occasion with the bond of love, a sparkling engagement ring is the need of the hour. But if you are thinking that the only option to brighten the engagement ceremony is an expensive and traditional diamond ring, then definitely it is time to look around for another star from the gems family ‘Moissanite’.

Moissanite engagement rings are a great replacement for diamonds and serve as an excellent gem with added benefits of being less expensive and many more. A moissanite gem is a lab created product ring and possesses a very similar or sometimes great feature than diamond. Moissanite gem was initially found in 1893 and since then it serves as a great replacement for a diamond with similar sparkle and brilliance. There are so many strong and powerful reasons to buy a moissanite ring and make the engagement moments special forever. Let us have a quick look at why moissanite ring is so much in demand these days.

1.   Beauty with Affordability: Undoubtedly, the engagement ring need to be extremely precious but not every precious thing is expensive. Moissanite ring is an affordable option for engagement when compared to diamond. The beauty and excellence of this gem are equal to the diamond and price is very little. Buying a moissanite ring does not mean that it is a cheaper option, but buying this smart and rare gem means buyer makes a smart choice and pick things that serve the purpose in the best manner thereby saving some bucks for better use. Couples can go this rare gem purchase without any hesitation.

2.    Specially Crafted Stone Shapes: Choosing the right engagement ring with unique design and cut is a tricky job. Every individual think of buying the most unique and specially crafted design for their fiancée and a moissanite ring offers myriad of shapes and designs. Be it a round shape or cushion or heart, moissanite gem can be cut into many shapes giving the ring an exquisite look. So couples looking for extraordinary and statement design in their engagement ring, a moissanite ring is a suitable choice. Also, they are available in a few colour options like grey or off-white.

3.    Weave Relationship with a Strong Gem: An engagement ring is a symbol of the strong bond and loves a couple hold for each other. To reflect this strength the gem binding two heart should be as strong and durable as their relationship is. A diamond is preferably the best gem with tough features of durability and longevity, similarly, a moissanite ring too can bear the wear and tear of daily handles. Though on the hardness scale, a moissanite gem rate little lower than diamond but the strength of the gem is par excellence. This reason is powerful to let people choose it for the best engagement ring option.

4.    Sparkle Love with the Brilliance of Moissanite: With so many gems available to pick for the engagement ring, the brilliance and sparkle of moissanite are no less than a diamond. Other gems after a few years cannot withstand the pressure of wear and tear and ultimately face damage. Moissanite is extremely strong and full of luster and beauty to be chosen as the eventual engagement ring. Choosing this ring means choosing a strong object for the reflection of love.

5.    Crafted in Laboratory. Ethically sourced: Moissanite is a guilt-free gem that is crafted in the laboratory without any conflict. Moissanite gem is crafted in the laboratory by the experienced scientists using the best of the equipment. It is never mined and never use for any unethical reasons. Wearing a moissanite ring means having a peace of mind that the gem is beautiful from all aspects and sources. Sydney Jewellers is your ultimate destination for buying designer moissanite rings for any occasion.

Moissanite rings are the valuable and most beautiful option to pick other than diamonds. With the much-reduced price, moissanite gems give the advantage of owning radiance, gleam, sustainability and beauty all at one thing. Moissanite rings are available in so many ready to wear designs that buyer may go overwhelm. Also, there are sellers who offer customise designs and choice of colour for the gem and then craft the symbol of love in personal preference. Buy your fiancée a moissanite ring filled with colour, beauty, sheen, strength and durability.

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