Jewellery Trends: Up Your Jewellery Game With These Amazing Pieces!

When it comes to fashion, it’s more than just clothes. It includes everything from the head to the toe and the trends change quickly.  Clothing styles are here today, gone tomorrow, and back again years later. But these rapidly changing outfits need accessories and, just like clothes, jewellery styles also come and go. New trends… Read More Jewellery Trends: Up Your Jewellery Game With These Amazing Pieces!


Girls Need Big Diamonds

          Image by Thorn Yang As Marilyn Monroe once said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  From Tiffany to Princess there are endless cuts that offer the most sparkle and show off this natural stones clarity.  Lusted after by endless amounts of women, the diamond is one of the must have… Read More Girls Need Big Diamonds


You’re Engaged! Now What?

Your boyfriend getting down on one knee and saying those four words is something that all girls dream about. I may not be engaged myself, but I have had quite a few friends who have got engaged over the past year or so. I noticed that while incredibly excited at the prospect of marrying the… Read More You’re Engaged! Now What?


Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

Looking for some “ringspiration” to help you find your ideal engagement ring? Increasingly brides are having more input in their engagement rings, with many couples choosing a ring together. Find your perfect bling to match your style and personality with the help of artisanal jeweller Michael Fallah (also known as Mick The Jeweller-, who… Read More Engagement Ring Trends for 2015