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5 Tips for Bringing More Light into Your Home

Does your home inspire you, lifting your mood when you’re feeling less than chirpy? Or does its dark, gloomy corners act like a heavy weight, dragging you down and exacerbating your lack of energy? A bright environment can certainly evoke positive feelings, giving you a sense of spaciousness and carefreeness. For ideas on how to achieve this, read on. In no time at all, your home will be a happy haven filled with light.

A Fresh Paint in a Light Colour

The colour of your walls and ceilings can play a huge role in how bright your home is. While strong, bold tones such as reds, oranges and purples can make a statement, they can also reduce the amount of natural light that is reflected within your rooms. Try painting your home in light colours such as contrasting shades of white – it’s extremely easy to add pops of colour with accessories if you’re concerned about having a bland result.

Create a Patio with French Doors

An abundance of windows is an obvious way of brightening your home, but have you considered the impact of having glass doors? Link the outside world to your kitchen, lounge or dining room by creating an outdoor patio and installing feature glass doors such as French doors. For ideas on designs, check out the online portfolios of builders such as Additions Building – check out this website for more information. The end result will be that not only will you have a new entertainment area, but you’ll now have all that beautiful, natural light in your home!

Consider Having a Sunroom

Do you have a deck that you never use? For extra space and rooms with plenty of light, think about transforming your deck into a sunroom. There’s nothing better than sitting back in comfort, protected by the elements, and soaking up all that natural sunshine. Sunrooms are real feature rooms, so be prepared to receive some ‘wows’.

Use Mirrors

Similar to having light colours on your walls, well-placed mirrors can reflect and bounce light around your home’s rooms, creating an instant lift. So where do you place them? Look for walls opposite any windows and pounce! Also try placing your mirror next to your window, so it will mimic the effect of producing a unique view.

Install a Skylight

Don’t have windows and can’t afford to make huge, structural changes? Splashing out for a skylight will mean a once-off renovation that can provide years and years of light. This is one of the most effective ways to draw light into those central rooms in the home that are otherwise shut off. Be sure to research what type of skylight works for you and always get quotes from a number of suppliers and installers.

How does your home measure up? Are you sick of your sad rooms or are you constantly revitalised by what surrounds you? If you can think of any other tips and tricks to brighten up a room, please share them by commenting below.

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