6 Benefits of Having an Employee Recognition Award

To build a successful enterprise, you must motivate your employees by recognising their efforts. You can encourage them by bringing the concept of corporate awards or employee recognition awards to your organisation. These awards are titles and honours conferred to employees for their outstanding work and behaviour. The frequency of distributing the awards varies in each organisation. Mostly, it depends upon the convenience of the employers. Hence, some opt for annual awards, whereas others prefer giving away the awards at the end of each month to the best performer. If you want to appreciate a sizeable workforce, you can include multiple categories and confer them to multiple employees. For instance, you can have an “Employee of the Month Award,” “Award for Best Attendance,” and so on. It is important for the smooth functioning of the business. Furthermore, it builds a better experience for them. Read on to know a few benefits of having an employee recognition award.

  1. It enhances the company culture: One of the most important factors that can decide the company’s success is its culture. Your company culture describes the shared attributes, characteristics, and values of the organisation. The culture becomes apparent with the interaction of the employees, the decisions they make, and the values they hold. At present, many employees give precedence to a great workplace culture over financial compensation. Acknowledging the efforts of your employees impacts the company culture positively, and they feel valued by the management and their peers. If they feel recognised and respected, they will strive better, enhancing your company culture further.
  2. It boosts employee morale: When it comes to duties and responsibilities, employees deliver the best with confidence and enthusiasm during the initial days of their job. However, due to the repetitive work cycle, their confidence and enthusiasm can get badly affected. Although they might be performing their duties, there will be a decline in their efficiency. This scenario can be mitigated with the implementation of the employee recognition awards within your company. If you appreciate your employees, they feel motivated and worthy. It helps lift their morale and benefits the organisation. As an employer, you can address different issues such as attrition, absenteeism, and so on.
  3. It acts as an inspiration for others: Many times, when you give corporate awards to any of your employees, it encourages and inspires other team members to try their best at the workplace. In a nutshell, they tend to draw inspiration from individuals who are honoured for their achievements and accomplishments. Additionally, there will be healthy competition at your workplace, and you can ensure that they will nurture their skills.
  4. It gives a sense of gratification and belonging: Everyone likes to be praised for their efforts, especially your employees. Well, nothing can make them happier than being complimented in front of colleagues. So, when your employees are gratified, it fills them with joy and encourages the employees to perform better in the workplace. Frequent appreciation or compliments can give them a sense of belonging in the company. Moreover, they get motivated and deliver the best service to the organisation.
  5. It helps strengthen workplace relationships: Working together in the workplace can help achieve rigid goals easily. Hence, maintaining a good relationship in the workplace is crucial. You can strengthen your relationship with your employees by organising the corporate awards ceremony. You can also promote team spirit by encouraging peer-to-peer recognition.
  6. It helps retain the best talents: It is a must to appreciate your employees frequently, however big or small their achievements might be. It helps to stay connected to the company. Hence, employers can retain their best talents in the company.

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