5 Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Kitchen


My need to make my home look beautiful is becoming an obsession. OK, it may also be my Virgo OCD tendencies. Every time I finish one project, I move onto the next one without stopping for air! Recently, I did take the time to breathe and realised something very important – I need to maintain my home as much as possible. I can take on as many home improvement projects as I like, but they don’t mean anything unless I sustain them to the same standard. Because the last job I took on was the kitchen, I am going to do kitchen maintenance post. Plus, who wants a dirty kitchen anyway?!

Clean Like A Madwoman

It is not going to win any prizes for the revelation of the year, but it is still worth mentioning all the same. Without a good cleaning session, there is no way that you can maintain your kitchen. Just think, there will be food and dirt everywhere! One of my favourites is to take a long time and try and hit as many spots as physically possible. The only way that I feel good about the state of my kitchen is to put in the effort.

Or Clean For Five Minutes A Day Instead

I know that everyone won’t share my enthusiasm for cleaning. In fact, I bet most people think I have some disease! So, I have another tip that is just as useful. Instead of cleaning once or twice a week for a long time, clean every day for twenty minutes. All you have to do is have a quick vacuum around the kitchen and run over the surfaces with a cloth and kitchen cleaner. That way, you can maintain your kitchen on a regular basis, so there is no need for a big cleaning session. It’s not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge?!


I recently came across an article that said you should maintain your kitchen by remodelling on a regular basis. Kitchen remodels the best way to keep everything fresh and clean, and to also makes sure nothing turns stale. I know that it sounds drastic, but I love the idea! There are obvious sticking points, like the cost and the effort. But, if you don’t mind spending your time on kitchen remodelling and you have the money, it is worth remembering. One thing’s for sure – it certainly beats cleaning!

Hire A Professional

Cannot be bothered with any of the above? A lot of people I know hate the idea of trying to look after their kitchen. To be honest, they hate the idea of looking after their entire house! Luckily for them, there is a brilliant solution. They hire cleaners who come around once or twice a week to keep everything fresh and tidy. For the most part, they hire cleaners for the whole house, but you can get them just to do the kitchen. Hire them on an hourly basis and ask them just to clean the kitchen area is that is okay with you.

Now that you have the knowledge, what are you waiting for?

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