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How to Include Modern Trends into Your Home

The modern interior has always been the most talked about home design trend. Time goes by and the urge to change everything into a clean and simple design is always in style. Famous designers try to compete with this movement, but there’s not a single trend that looks as good as the modern one. Elegant lines and few colours can do more for your home than bold choices you’ll get tired of in a month anyway. Classy choices can improve the appearance of your interior and with just a couple of changes, you too can have a modern home in no time.

Clean lines and more open spaces

What says more about the natural flow in the house than the concept of an open space and plenty room for your family? Of course, we can’t tear down all the walls, but if you can eliminate even a few of them, go for it! More space doesn’t mean more furniture and décor – on the contrary, it means that we can keep these items only in rooms that we actually use. Clean lines will look more beautiful than big patterns, a variety of colour choices and wall ornaments, and will shift the focus from the accessories to your home design.

Different textures

Rather than just having plain white walls, add an interesting twist and hang flowers in wicker stands or use a patterned wallpaper that will go well with the rest of the room. Choose a colour for your furniture and match it with an always trending floor rug to create a deeper and warmer feeling. To temper the look, find some blankets and place them over your chairs and lift up the look of that part of the room with that easy trick. Playing with textures will allow you to play with the colour choices until you find the right combination.

Wooden elements

From timber doors, dark flooring and big dining tables, to small coffee tables, warm earth tones give a house a sense of luxury and natural beauty. The use of accessories like picture frames, wooden statues and plant stands can also bring out an effective aesthetic value. If you need an additional storage space or you want to display your book collection, add shelves in light or dark wood as this neat feature will soon become your favourite spot in the house. Once you get a glimpse of other choices, you’ll want to create this natural feeling throughout the entire house, but be careful, because it’s sometimes better not to add all the elements at once.

Neutral colours

Every year we have a new “it” colour and although it seems great to instantly repaint your walls, beddings and other details you can paint into this colour, think twice. Sometimes people end up with a colour choice they don’t really like, but still spend too much money on it. So, it’s better to play it safe and opt for neutral hues first and then choose a few simple items in different colours. You can even use various apps in order to see what your house would look like if you chose a certain colour. Light earthy tones like coffee-coloured walls, pastel furniture and light blue or green materials can be combined in the most welcoming and cosy rooms that are timeless.

Be practical

Finding multiple uses for everything you want to include is amazing, but you can still have certain doubts. A vintage ottoman doesn’t have to be just for display: place a tray on top of it and use it as an additional table or seating area. If you’re craving a huge kitchen island, you should definitely find a place for it and turn it into a breakfast station where your family will gather during those busy mornings. All your guilty pleasures, such as a comfy chair you purchased on a flea market, can be covered with a new upholstery fabric and become a centrepiece of your study. If you have a small house, finding numerous purposes for every single piece of furniture won’t be hard for you. Having a modern home means that you can change your room in a minute if you just switch places of a few things.

What to avoid?

Though the latest trends offer a variety of bright and dark colors, you should definitely avoid them and not fall under the influence of an instant reaction. Also, you need to be careful with the statement piece in your living room and try not to go for something that will turn up to be an impulse buy. Having a couple of accessories in a room is more than enough because if you decide to include everything you believe would look nice, your room would look like a storage unit and all the effort you’ve put in creating something beautiful will disappear.


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