5 Tips for Securing Your Home While Going on Vacation


Imagine coming back from a vacation and finding the doors you secured with locks swinging wide open. Getting into your house, you notice burglars had enough time to pack up as much of your belongings as they could and leave with them. Such can be one of the most shattering encounters after a fun-filled holiday. Under extreme circumstances, burglars sure of a homeowners return have even had the pleasure and bravery of preparing themselves meals in houses that they have raided!

A few observations to secure your home hence abate the worries of coming back to an empty house after a rejuvenating vacation include:

  • Be a good neighbour, friend, or relative

Asking neighbours, friends, or relatives to keep an eye on your property in your absence is one of the best and affordable ways of guarding a home while away on vacation. This is only possible if you have established good ties with them.

If you have a comfortable relationship between you and your neighbours, friends, or relatives, you can ask any of them to frequently pass by and check on the status of your home. They can be the first line of assistance in case of anything unusual. Concerning this, always be readily available to return the favour while they are away.

  • Do not announce your absence

Unkempt lawns, filled to the brim mail boxes, and unlit nights are just examples of ideal broadcasting of absence. According to various statistics, a majority of burglary are conducted by burglars nearby. Publicising your absenteeism is therefore likely to attract thieves to your premises.

Some of the measures you can take to fake the absence of people at home include; hiring someone to mow your lawns or a company to shovel ice if its winter. Installing timers to switch your lights and if possible other devices such as electronics to stimulate a human presence. Attending to your mailbox or stopping mail delivery for some time, and much more.

  • Have a well-trained dog at home

Despite not guarantee 100% safety, well-trained dogs are great for guarding your home, especially while away on a short vacation. An edified dog, if sufficiently provided with basic needs such as food, shelter, and sanitary provisions to sustain it throughout the period you will be away can provide adequate security. Consequently, such a dog can deter thieves from breaking into your home or even alert your neighbours of anomalies.

  • Activate and advertise your security systems incase you have any installed

According to a report published by alarms.org, homes without any security systems installed are 300% more likely to be broken into. Of cause, it doesn’t make sense to install various surveillance systems to cover the vacation period alone. Home security is an essential investment regardless of times or seasons.

If you have various security gadgets such as motion detectors, alarms, and CCTV cameras installed within your premises, ensure they are functional before you leave. Additionally, alert your security company to be extra responsive to signals from any of the devices. This can be coupled up with warning signs such as ‘AREA UNDER 24 HOURS SURVEILLANCE’ to scare away potential thieves.  

  • Store your valuables out of sight

Finally, storing valuables such as motorbikes, farm equipment, or any other signs of expensive items such as boxes on the space at the front of your house can attract burglars either in your absence or presence. Keep them out of sight.

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