8 Must Do Things In Spain

Known for many treasures, Spain has history and culture which makes it a must visit destination. The country is very special and unique for those who visit for the first time and they will most likely feel at home. There are some things you can do only in Spain and nowhere else on the Earth.… Read More 8 Must Do Things In Spain


Budgeting for a 10k Vacation

When planning your vacation, it is very important to set a budget and stick to it. A goal of spending $10,000 is a great number to plan for. This amount will allow you to take a fantastic trip without completely over exerting yourself. Check out these perfect places to take a luxury vacation for $10,000… Read More Budgeting for a 10k Vacation


Making Christmas More Romantic

 Pexels Christmas is coming, and we’re all very excited for it. However, too many people rely on it as a means to connect with the family and relax with them, when that can happen at any time of year.  Besides, despite how wonderful Christmas is, it’s often more focused on celebrating with the family as… Read More Making Christmas More Romantic