5 Ways to Have A Better Relationship

With over 2 million people getting married in the USA every year, there is no shortage of new, committed couples that need to be prepared to invest in building better relationships.

But how can one do that? What are the levers successful couples pull to find happiness in their relationships long-term?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how to make your love life work since couples and their exceptions vary, there are a handful of tips we can share that can move most couples in the right direction. Curious to learn what they are? If so, keep reading!

1. Manage Your Expectations

Better relationships take work. They don’t function like romantic comedies do where two beautiful people push and pull for a while and then live happily ever after.

Real, healthy relationships stem from understanding that some days with a partner will be good, some will be bad, and that the bad days aren’t all reasons to question why you’re not single.

Appreciate imperfection and master navigating through hardships. Understand that you’re not a perfect person.

If managing expectations is difficult for you, consider working with a relationship coach.

2. Value Quality Time

It can be tempting after being with someone for a long time to start doing away with 1-on-1 outings. This is most innocently done by constantly wanting to invite friends out on your dates.

Be wary of that trap and always set time aside for you and your partner to connect on new levels. Doing so will make your partner feel appreciated and may unlock new dimensions in your relationship.

3. Keep Bad Influences Out

A large chunk of the population is single/casually dating and many of them envy the stability committed couples enjoy. That envy can result in friends casting doubt on relationships by blowing up small problems to sabotage others’ love lives.

Whether that happens intentionally or unintentionally, if you notice somebody in your life that rarely has anything positive to say about your relationship, keep them at a distance. These people are generally toxic and are either creating issues that aren’t actually there or are telling you things that you already know.

4. Let Your Partner Know That You Want Them to Grow With You

Growth can be scary when you’re in a relationship. It can be hard to see a partner forge new paths and feel like you’re going to get left behind.

Combat that by taking on new hobbies/pursuits while also letting your partner know how those things will affect your shared future. By keeping your partner in mind as you make plans, you’ll side-step doubt and resentment.

5. Be Dependable

The best thing you can be in a relationship is a person of your word. Do what you say you’re going to do. Be loyal. Don’t be afraid of committing.

If you can embody that, other dimensions of your relationship will come more easily.

Better Relationships Take Greater Wanting

95% of the battle when it comes to building better relationships is your commitment to having one. If you are committed to learning how to make your relationship better, understanding how to be a better listener in a relationship, and so forth, things will start to improve so long as your partner is equally committed.

We wish you the best as you seek out a healthier love life. We also invite you to check out more of the helpful content we have on our blog.

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