8 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Boat Party

Are you planning to throw a party that thrills guests and becomes the talk of the town? Why not go for a boat party? A boat party is an exciting and remarkable way to celebrate with family and loved ones. It gives you and your guest the chance to escape the regular hustle and bustle of the city, feel the soothing offshore breeze on your face, and enjoy the picturesque landscape view from a great vantage point.

Planning a memorable party is not easy, but with the right tips, you’d be amazed at the outcome. Below, we have highlighted a few tips on how to plan a boat party that becomes the talk of the town and the envy of your Instagram groups of friends.

1. Set a Realistic Budget

Whenever you are planning an event, be it a wedding, family get-together, or, of course (as in this case), a boat party, it is important you set a budget. A budget provides you with a bird’s eye view of your expenses. It helps control your spending and save more money.

So before you choose the location and time of your glamorous boat party, sit down and make a realistic budget. Determine how many guests you’d be inviting and make your budget based on the number.

What are the required supplies for your party? Will you and your guest be drinking out of a red plastic cup or champagne flutes? Will there be musicians or dancers? What do you plan on feeding your guest with? Don’t also forget the type of boat you wish to rent. Take note of these things and plan accordingly.

2. Select a Theme

Selecting a theme for a boat party may seem expensive or irrelevant. However, the truth is that choosing a theme can create a great deal of excitement and make your event more festive.

The theme should include what you want to wear to the party, including the type of décor accessories you want in your party. If your budget allows, you can consider hiring an interior designer with boat party décor experience to spruce up your event. However, if you cannot afford this, do it yourself.

But how?

Of course, you have social media! You can always get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Ensure you pick a color that blends well, so your party doesn’t end up being the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. 

3. Make a Guest List

How many guests will you be inviting to your boat party? Write down their names and follow them up to ensure that they honor your invitation. It would be a waste to spend money on food and drinks meant for 1,000 guests, only to have 500 guests show up. .

Also, note down crucial things about each guest. Do any of your guests have allergies, food and drink preferences or health issues? Noting these things will make it easy to plan your menum.

If you were inviting many people, it would make sense to hire waiters to cater to their needs. If you wouldn’t, you might not have to.

4. Distribute Invites Early

Don’t wait until it’s too late before sending out invites. Remember, your guests may have other appointments or events to attend and thus need a heads-up to fit your event into their schedule. No one likes dropping things at the last minute, so ensure you give your guests a good head start.

Send the invites at least a month before the planned date of your boat party. Quell the urge to send the invites via snail email or platforms your guests aren’t active on. Instead, go for an option that offers instant delivery, like social media and ask for confirmation from each guest. Doing this may save you some money if they eventually fail to show up.

5. Plan for photographs and Videos

A party isn’t complete without the services of a professional photographer. How do people relieve the event? How do they remember that you threw a memorable party on a boat in Miami Beach? If you want to save memories about your party, you will certainly hire a professional photographer.

Aside from investing in quality photography, you may also want to invest in videos. Are you planning a boat party in Miami? Hire a Miami drone operator to capture high-quality images and videos that would give you and your guest something to look back to. Such professionals can also offer live streaming services for your event. 

6. Select Food and Drink Options

What will your guests eat and drink at your boat party? You don’t expect them to dance all day without filling their stomach. Thus, it makes sense to plan what they will eat.

When selecting food and drink options, always have your guests in mind. Go for something convenient to eat at a boat party (like finger foods), and don’t select foods that require cutlery. Contact multiple caters to have a good idea of the best food and drink options. You want your guests to have the best treats, so opt for a caterer that offers waitressing and bartending services (if your budget allows).

7.Yacht Hunting

The success of your boat party will depend on several factors, including the meal, drinks, onboard activities, themes, and of course, the boat. While there is a huge list of boasts deemed appropriate for a boat party, your best pick should be one that fits your budget. This doesn’t mean you should go for a small, ugly-looking rickety boat, all in the name of saving money. Whichever option you choose should be affordable, comfortable, and pleasing.

You can rummage boat rental sites for partying boats. Your search should be based on your budget, the number of guests that would attend, including the nature of your party. After selecting an option, call in advance to find out if the boat will be available on the day of your party.

8. Have a First Aid Kit

Anything can happen on the boat. A guest can trip and fall while dancing, develop a minor cut when opening the campaign, etc. Since you are onshore, visiting the hospital or seeking the help of a doctor pronto will be difficult. Thus, you will want to ensure that you have a first aid kit on board to administer necessary first aid treatment.


Planning a boat party is nothing like planning a party in your backyard or a 1,000 seater hall. To plan a successful and unforgettable boat party, you need an effective plan, one designed to thrill your guests and make them look forward to the next party.  

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