5 Ways To Streamline Your Italian Citizenship By Descent Claim

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Italy is a dream destination for Americans looking for second citizenship. Besides the incredible landscape, lovely climate, and easy lifestyle, there is much more on offer in the country. You have an easy route to immigrate if you can trace your ancestral lineage in Italy. It is among the countries offering citizenship by descent, making it an ideal destination for thousands of eligible aspirants. If you want to dig deeper, here is a great explanation is provided by the team of ItalianCitizenshipbyDescent.com to help. You can also do your bit to streamline your claim and get closer to your dream life in Italy.

Double-check your eligibility status

When claiming citizenship by descent, eligibility is the mainstay of the application. Being born to an Italian parent qualifies you, but there are more guidelines to follow. You can claim through other ancestors, provided they were a citizen of the country after its unification in 1861. If the ancestor naturalized elsewhere, they must have done it only after the next person in the ascendancy was born.

Ensure you are not an exception

Things aren’t straightforward when it comes to eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent. The gender of your ancestor can make you an exception. If you plan to claim through a female ancestor, ensure that she gave birth after 1948. Italian women could pass on citizenship only after this year. Applicants falling in exceptions can still claim. But you have to follow a judicial process under the 1948 Rule. 

Stay ahead of the paperwork

Besides ensuring eligibility, staying ahead of your paperwork is another way to ease the process. Typically, you will have a long list of documents to gather as a part of the process. The most challenging part is collecting your ancestor’s documents from their Italian comune. Even the ones you get from your current residence need to be translated and apostilled. You can imagine the significance of getting a head start with documentation. 

Collaborate with an expert

This one is a no-brainer as an expert can help you streamline the process with their knowledge and experience. More importantly, they have the right connections to help you with document gathering in Italy. They will also guide you through the entire steps and ensure no errors and omissions in your applications. Simply speaking, you have better chances of getting approval in one go. 

Practice patience

Italian citizenship by descent is perhaps the fastest and easiest route, but you have to practice patience. Getting a second passport can change your life, so the wait and effort are worthwhile. The most challenging phase is the waiting time for an appointment at the Italian consulate. It may take a few months, and sometimes, a year to get your turn in the queue. Thankfully, you have good chances of getting approval if your documents are ready. 

Citizenship by descent can be your golden ticket to a new life in Italy. But you need to get your facts right before starting. These measures can get you on the right track. 

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