6 Things You Need To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of death during the summer.   According to statistics, motorcycles account for 2% of all vehicles on US roads but 14% of fatal crashes. Motorcycles also account for 23% of all traffic-related deaths in 2013, with 4,957 fatalities. This alarming trend is even more pronounced among young adults aged 20 to 29 years old where motorcycle-related fatalities increased by 53%. These alarming numbers show that motorcyclists need extra protection and care after an accident involving their bike. The following article offers six things you should do after a motorcycle accident to protect yourself from additional injuries and ensure your safety during this difficult time.

1. Call For Emergency Help 

First and foremost, you should call for emergency help by dialing 911. The emergency operator will connect you with the local emergency dispatch center which will send out the right resources to your location. Besides calling emergency services, you should also think about lawyering up, and www.the702firm.com can provide you with just the exact legal help you need if you ever find yourself in a dire situation such as a motorcycle accident. However, if you are unable to call or texts do not go through, then go ahead and use your hazard lights to signal for help.

2. Get Yourself Out Of The Road 

If you cannot get to safety after an accident, then cover your head with your hands. You are most vulnerable when you are on the ground since it leaves you open to falling debris. If someone tries to move you before the feeling is restored, then yell “don’t touch me” and wait for EMS to assist with moving. Once you have called for emergency help, you should get yourself out of the road to avoid being run over. It is important to remove your bike from the road if you can safely do it, and take a step back, out of the way of oncoming vehicles.

3. Protect Yourself From Falling Debris

Protect yourself from falling debris by wearing a helmet, gloves, and other protective gear to avoid injuring yourself. When you are out of the road, check your motorcycle to see if there are any cracks in the body or gas tank before moving it. After you have moved your bike to a safe position, you should protect yourself from any possible debris that may fall from the sky after an accident has taken place. Keep in mind that there may be shards of metal or other sharp objects that could cause injury if they come into contact with your body.

4. Connect With Your Loved Ones 

After you have made sure that you are safe, you should call or text your loved ones to let them know what happened and where they can find you. If family members are nearby, then ask them for help in moving your bike to a safer place. Keep in mind that if the accident was not your fault, you will also be able to claim damages against the other party’s insurance company.

5. Take Pictures Of The Scene 

It is important to take photos of the scene of the accident because it will provide evidence in case there are any disputes. The photos will also help you prove how much your bike was damaged if you want to collect damages. You should take pictures of the scene so that you have documented evidence in case something goes wrong or if any sort of legal proceedings were involved. You can use your smartphone to take several photos from different angles.

6. Document Your Injuries 

While you are still at the scene, it is also a good idea to document all of your injuries including any scrapes or bruising that may have taken place due to the accident. You should clearly state how these injuries came to be and if they were caused by debris from the roadway or from the motorcycle itself. If you are unable to document your injuries at the scene, you can do so at a nearby hospital. However, note that only medical professionals are allowed to take pictures of injuries for legal purposes.

After an accident occurs due to no fault of your own, it is important to protect yourself by doing six things. First and foremost, you should call for emergency help and get yourself out of the road to avoid being run over. You should then protect yourself from falling debris by moving your bike to a safe position and taking a step back, away from traffic. Next, you should connect with your loved ones and take pictures of the scene. If possible, document any injuries you sustained to use as evidence if any sort of legal proceedings become involved. By following these six steps, you can better protect yourself after a motorcycle accident.

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