6 Benefits Of Choosing Cremation Over Burial That You Didn’t Know About

The feeling of losing a loved one is unexplainable and it brings a large wave of sorrow. This wave of emptiness overshadows the routine of the deceased’s family and pushes them into the abyss of sadness.

However, the family needs to hold themselves together and prepare for the rituals that follow the demise of their loved one. For this reason, we have developed this informative guide to explain why most families are now preferring to choose cremation over the different types of burial methods.

Cremation Process

Funerals are expensive across the world. The Cremation service alone can cost over $7,000 – $10,000 around the world. Although the situation of a loved one’s passing can be taxing for the family, certain protocols need to be followed to ensure the successful commencement of the cremation process. Let’s go through some of the most important steps.

  • Authorize the Procedure

The crematory is supposed to have written permission from the family before the initiation of the procedure. You will also have to authorize the type of container the crematory will use for the procedure and who will receive the remains.

  • Preparation of the Body and Moving into the Chamber

The preparation of the body is an important step in the cremation process. The cleaning of the deceased demands expertise from the caretakers as mechanical or battery-operated prosthetics are required to be removed to avoid any kind of reaction. After ensuring that the body is stripped off of every potentially harmful thing, it is moved inside the chamber that is heated up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to perform the final step.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Over Burial Techniques

Different religions have different burial techniques based on their traditional practices. However, many families are beginning to prefer a cremation service over their traditional burial techniques.

  1. Affordability

Funeral services cost an approximate amount of $10,000 for a single service in the United States. Despite the love for their loved ones, it is preferred to choose an affordable choice of funeral service to ensure that there are no excessive financial burdens on the family.

  1. Customization

The standard ritual services are often dull and lack any kind of customization in the final presentation of the dead bodies. However, when families choose a cremation service, they can fulfill their wishes of saying goodbye to their loved ones in a customized urn or even send their ashes into space.

  1. Environment Friendly

Most people believe in a sustainable lifestyle by maintaining their surrounding environment. To ensure environmental sustainability, they take necessary measures that elongate the life of the environment. Similarly, to increase the probability of dying with equal sustainability, the professionals at greenmeadowmemorials.com suggest that people should opt for burial service alternatives, such as cremation. This is especially good if it is the wish of the deceased person, to increase environmental sustainability and avoid hurting mother nature. 

  1. Issues of Reachability

These days, people have to switch their geographical locations to find work and explore different opportunities. For this reason, it becomes practically impossible for many people to attend a traditional burial service. This is why the prevalence of practicality has influenced the use of cremation over other burial methods.

  1. Time Efficient

In today’s world, everybody’s on a deadline. Although the maintenance of their routine is the last thing the grieving deceased’s family would worry about, they have to keep in mind the attendants’ schedules too. This is why people are choosing this time-efficient technique to minimize the procession times.

  1. Portability

When dealing with ashes as opposed to other burial rituals, carrying an urn is a lot more portable than the management of a casket. This is why families are preferring to use this portable alternative.

Types of Burial Services

Despite the rising resistance against burials, there are specific types of burials that are still popular around the world. Deciding on the type of service that is to be performed on your body after your demise is an individual’s right. However, here’s a list of the most common types of burials to give you an idea of the burial’s side too.

  • In-Ground Burial: A marker or monument can be used to signal your grave.
  • Natural Burials: If you’re a nature lover, you can be buried in a forest and you can wish to grow flowers directly on your gravesite.

Different religions have different rituals that are performed after the passing of their loved ones. From in-ground and mausoleum-based rituals to the intricate process of cremation, there are a variety of ways to pay your respect to the dead. However, many families are now opting for cremation services as opposed to other types of burial services because of many reasons, some of which are stated above. Hope this guide helps you in deciding if you should opt for a cremation service or your regular traditional burial service.

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