6 Essential Weekend Wardrobe Pieces

Whether you’re an urbanite, a suburban mum, or a country girl, you need to have some essential items in your wardrobe for the weekend. Are you staying home or travelling? Enjoying fun and leisure or tackling a DIY project? Regardless of your weekend plans, here are six essentials that will keep you on trend.

  1. The Flirty Dress

You should always have a fun dress on hand for cocktail hour or your bestie’s bridal shower. Choose a maxi dress with a stunning print or the classic lines of a slip or sheath dress. Fashion blogger Avery Matera with Glamour magazine says “the little black dress” is a staple for building a fashionable wardrobe. Slip into it on a romantic evening, whether you’re at home by the fire or in swanky downtown digs.

  1. Ballet Flats

The classic look of ballet flats dresses up your jeans as much as they will your little black dress. Plus, they transition from errand-running to cocktail parties seamlessly. You can find these comfortable yet stylish shoes in endless colours and prints. Stick with black or a creamy off-white if you want flats you can pair with any outfit and not worry if they match perfectly.

  1. Boots

 Image via Flickr by Seth Lemmons

The Western cowboy style boot has always been on the fashion scene. Lately, however, it’s been seen on runways paired with designer clothing from the likes of Calvin Klein and Raf Simons, confirming that Western couture is definitely trending. Cowboy boots range from elegant and pointy-heeled to boots made for working. If you need a boot to do double-duty, choose an ankle-high basic brown or black leather with a work heel that you can wear with your flower-printed dress as easily as with your work jeans.

  1. A Bright White Tee 

If you need a classic piece that won’t break the bank, or if you always like to have a bright white T-shirt on hand, grab a bag of men’s V-neck undershirts. The white tee will set off any blazer or jacket and can be paired with jeans or a skirt.

  1. Jeans That Fit Just Right

Nothing says comfort and style like your favourite jeans. If you need to pack light, opt for a single pair of dark wash jeans. Dark jeans are great for dressing up with a floozy top and your ballet flats or high heels. And if you need to do real work, the thing jeans were originally made for, you’re good to go.

  1. A Set of Silky Pajamas

Some weekends, pajamas might be the only thing you need from Friday night till Monday morning. You can even wear them around town — just throw on a pretty cardigan and put a little colour on your cheeks. If anything, your neighbours will just be jealous of how nice and relaxed you look.

Whether you’re dressing up for a Saturday night party or lounging on the couch, with these six essential wardrobe pieces you’ll be set for anything the weekend throws at you.

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