How to Become a Master Baker! (4 Things You Need to Know)

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Are you looking for ways to step up your baking game to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. When your loved ones have a soft spot for baked delicacies and have a sweet tooth that expects you to be a baking expert who can satisfy their taste buds, you must find ways to surprise them. Here you will find the most helpful tips that can assist you in honing your baking skills while making you a bakery expert in no time.

Let’s get you started. 

  1. Measure Your Ingredients

When you are baking a cake or just getting ingredients ready to make delicious cookies, the first thing you should do is measure your ingredients correctly. However, this advice mainly goes for flour, as it is the main ingredient in baking and one of the most difficult to measure and have in exact amounts. 

That said, for proper measurements, use cups of weighing devices that are used in the kitchen. To make things easier for yourself, look for recipes that list ingredients in grams instead of any other type of measuring unit. You can always do the conversion, but this simple method will save you a lot of time and hassle. 

baking cookies
  1. Bake Only With Fresh Ingredients

Your top priority should always be to bake with fresh ingredients. A few baking ingredients like baking soda and baking powder usually come with six months of effectiveness. So if you are not careful when using these two ingredients, your baked won’t rise as you expect them to. Also, make sure your baking sweetener is natural and free of chemicals. Following these two simple steps during the baking process will enhance the health quotient of your baking goods, which everyone would love.  

  1. Properly Scrape the Mixing Bowl

You must have read this many times since recipes are always keen on reminding the baker of continuous scraping of the mixing bowl. So, when you mix all the ingredients, make sure the significant part of the mixture, like eggs, butter, and sugar, is not stuck on the sides of the bowl. 

Luckily, it has a simple solution. Make sure you stop and restart your mixer every 30 seconds to scrape the mixing bowl. Following the step will ensure you get a perfect baked good in the end. 

  1. Keep the Oven Door Closed

Keep the oven door closed as long as possible. We know it’s tempting to find out and see how things are going inside the oven, but it’s never a good idea. For instance, if you are baking a cake, the inflow of air or even the vibration of opening and closing the oven door can disturb the baking process. Additionally, you let all the heat out, which is naturally going to affect the baking process. 

Some bakers recommend rotating cookie pans midway between baking, but the effort isn’t going to help you as you’ll lose the necessary temperature in the oven. So make sure you keep it closed. 

Wrapping Up!

Cooking is not rocket science. However, it’s always good to have some knowledge of the basic rules when you start baking. In this article, you must have found everything you need to know about baking. And with this simple yet effective, you become a master baker in no time.

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