7 Activities Parents can Use to Improve Sibling Bonds

If you want to help your children improve their sibling bond, you’ll want to read this.

There are benefits to spending time together as a family, but American families are only getting 37 minutes of quality time per day. You can tackle this problem as a team and grow closer now. It’s time to do something to get your kids on the same side and improve their sibling bond.

If your children aren’t getting along, consider spending family time doing team activities. Keep reading to learn more about helping your family grow closer. Here are seven activities parents can use to improve sibling bonds.

1. Floor’s Lava

The floor is lava is widely known and fun to play. If you’ve never played before, the point of the game is to pretend the floor’s lava and avoid stepping on it. You and your kids can create a trail of pillows to avoid stepping on the ground.

You can set up an obstacle course and split into teams, kids versus the parents. When someone touches the ground, they’re out of the game. You can play until only one team is left standing, or one person if you’re playing individually.

2. Spook Out

Spook out is similar to hide and seek, but only one person hides. As the hider finds their spot, the rest of the family will count at a base. After counting, you search together for the one hiding.

When you find the hider, you shout spook out to warn the rest. Everyone has to avoid being caught by the hider as they run back to base. Whoever’s caught hides and helps the original hider catch the rest until no one’s left.

3. Blind Treasure Hunt

A blind treasure hunt is exactly as it sounds. You will hide treats and treasures around the house or yard first. Blindfold your children and set them loose to find their treasure.

This is a great activity for small children. Remember to safe proof the area first.

4. Dance Party

A dance party is a fun way to spend time together and share your favorite songs. It doesn’t cost you anything and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Pull out your speakers and connect a music platform.

A dance party is a great way to learn more about your children’s favorite songs and let loose. The best part is everyone will be too busy having fun to bicker. So, turn up the volume and feel the music.

5. Together We Stand

Have your children sit on the floor, touching backs, and linking elbows. Next, you’ll tell them to stand up without moving position. To make the game more of a challenge, you can leave some props on the floor and have your children pick them up.

This game will unite your kids as a team sharing a common goal. They’ll learn how to work together and to trust one another more. This is a fun activity that all ages can have a good time playing.

6. Group Painting Project

A fun way to help your children bond is to give them a group art project. All you need are paint supplies, paper or canvas, and an idea. They can take turns painting individual ideas on the same canvas or work together on one idea.

Another fun idea is to fill balloons with paint and tac them to a canvas. Then, have your older children take turns throwing darts at them. This will create a group paint project without any arguing about what to create together.

7. Play a Game Together

An easy way to have your children bond is to let them play games they enjoy. These can be video games, board games, or let them take turns playing their favorite team games with each other. If you want them to grow closer, you should focus on playing games that places them on the same team and not against one another.

With technology today, you can have your family team up against players online. They’ll share a common goal and work together to win. They compete against one another enough, this will allow you to teach them how to play on the same side.

Other Ways to Strengthen Sibling Bonds

As a parent, it’s your job to teach your children the importance of family. You can do so by leading by example. The following are additional ways you can help strengthen sibling bonds:

  • Discover the root of the conflicts
  • Don’t compare your children
  • Teach them to listen
  • Encourage sibling time

Playing games together isn’t the only way to strengthen sibling bonds. You can use the mentioned ideas here or choose others that fit your personalities more. Together, you can grow closer as a family and learn to appreciate one another.

Tips for Busy Families

If your family is always on the go, it can be hard to justify adjusting your life to meet your needs. There are some ways you and your family can enjoy your busy schedules and still make time for quality family bonding. One smart way is agreeing as a family to bonding with activities, at least one day per week.

Another smart idea is choosing a daycare that your young children can have fun together at. Not only will they be in good hands, but they’ll have one another to play with while you’re busy with your other responsibilities.

Grow Closer Today

You and your family can grow closer than ever with family bonding and quality time. Now that you’ve read these seven activities parents to improve sibling bonds, you can use what you learned to guide you. This is an opportunity to teach your kids the importance of family bonds.

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