7 Great Ways to Pamper Yourself Without Spending a Fortune

Do you ever feel like you could live on an island all by yourself?

If you feel like you’re ready for a solo vacation, you’re in dire need of a pampering session.

Don’t worry. Treating yourself to something special doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re one of the 80 percent of Australians suffering from work-related stress, here are some inexpensive ways to pamper yourself.

Ways to Pamper Yourself at Home

When you’re fed up with everything and everyone, the last thing you want to do is leave your house. That’s understandable.

In fact, if you’re an introvert, science proves that you need time alone–preferably at home–to truly decompress. With that, feel free to spend time in your PJ’s or yoga pants. Here are a few ways to self-pamper without dressing up or leaving home.

1. Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

Who needs to go to a salon for a manicure or pedicure?

Okay, maybe some people prefer the experience of a nail salon. But if you like the thought of doing your own nails and you cringe at the thought of a communal foot washtub, this is the ideal tip for you.

Buy your favourite coloured nail polish.

Make sure you have a small tub in which to soak your feet and hands using warm, soapy water.

Get your favourite hand cream and foot cream to moisturize your skin.

Your mani/pedi doesn’t have to be professional-grade. It could be as luxurious or as minimalist as you want it to be. The point is to treat yourself to something rare and special and to do so within your control.

2. Give Yourself a Facial

Are you ready for some more pampering after the mani/pedi on your terms?

It’s time to pamper your face. Giving yourself a facial isn’t complicated or cumbersome. You only need these few ingredients for a relaxing experience:

A comfy chair or recliner. (You could even use your bed).

A DIY face mask

An inexpensive or DIY face exfoliant

A cup of steaming hot water

A small tub of soapy rinse water

A gentle washcloth

A cucumber eye mask.

Set all of your masks, water, and washcloths on a table next to your recliner or bed. Then, turn on some relaxing music to set the mood. Finally, treat yourself to the masks and creams you’ve chosen. Use the steam from the hot water to further gently exfoliate your skin.

3. Binge Your Favourite Show in Bed

Whoever said that spending an entire day in bed is unproductive must not have valued their need for rest. A day of doing nothing, snuggled comfortably among your favourite blankets and sheets while watching your favourite TV show can be downright healing.

Once you’ve squared away all your responsibilities for the week, reward yourself with a bed-and-binge day. Plan it out for a day when you can hide away from the world without repercussions.

If you don’t mind eating in your bedroom, stock up on your favourite snacks before your binge session. In fact, feel free to order a pizza with all your favourite toppings. Inexpensive junk food is a comfort all on its own.

4. Have a Luxurious Bath

Taking showers is refreshing, but stretching out in a lavish bath is relaxing.

When you dream of a bath, what do you envision?

Whether it’s lavender-scented bubbles, a fizzy bath bomb, or some soft music and a bathtub pillow, you deserve to pamper yourself with it.

Block out an hour in the morning or just before bedtime. Get everything you need for your bath, and settle into your bath and forget about anything that’s getting you stressed. As long as you’re enjoying your bath, the problems of the world can wait.

5. Give Yourself a Foot Massage

If there’s one part of your body that deserves pampering and rest in particular, it’s each of your feet. They carry your weight wherever you need to go, and yet, they’re usually the most overlooked part of your body.

Again, no need to visit a salon to treat your feet. Take the leap and buy a foot massager. If you want to be sure that your investment is worthwhile, browse around online for a quality massager that’s in your budget. This foot massager review looks promising, for instance.

In fact, if you buy a massager, why pamper your feet only once? Enjoying a fifteen-minute foot massage at the end of each day might turn into a routine you anticipate.

6. Take Yourself out for Ice Cream

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy an old-fashioned soft-served cone. In fact, think back to your childhood: What was your favourite ice cream back then?

Go to a nearby local ice cream shop, and order that favourite flavour from years ago. The simpler the shop, the better. Bask in the waves of sweet nostalgia as you lick your ice cream in solitude.

7. Browse a Bookstore

If you’re a bookworm, the best cure for your stress is probably spending a while at the bookstore.

Sure, you can go to the library instead. But libraries are usually so quiet and rigid.

Take the time to escape into a bookstore. Browse around and pick out any book that looks interesting to you. Then, settle into a plush chair, perhaps grab a delicious coffee (usually sold in those shops), and read away.

It’s not a crime to sit and read in a bookstore until closing time. If you feel guilty for spending the day there, buy a book or two to make your patronage worthwhile.

Want More Ideas About Treating Yourself?

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