7 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine


Coconut oil is in at the moment, and although many people might first thing of using it for cooking, it can also be used in your daily beauty routine.

Here’s 7 great ways to use coconut oil you may not have previously considered.

Face wash and makeup remover

Coconut oil is great for cleaning. To use all you have to do is rub a bit of it between your hands until it softens or melts (its melting point is a low 24 degrees, so not for long), then rub all over your face. Grab a hot washcloth to wipe away.


Who needs chemicals when you have MCT coconut oil. OK, so you’re unlikely going to give up the good stuff, but coconut oil provides a natural, affordable alternative to chemical moisturisers. To use apply to your face morning and night; it can feel a bit greasy at first, but your skin quickly absorbs it, and it leaves your skin feeling it soft and supple. You can also  use it on dry skin, chapped lips, and kids’ rosy cheeks.


Whipped lotion

To make a long lasting batch of body butter, whip 2 cups of coconut oil in a stand mixer until soft and fluffy. You can add essential oil if you’d like, or for something different substitute 1 cup with Shea butter. The oil wont harden in a container, and it remains usable for months.

Hair product

You can use coconut oil in your hair to tame those fly away strands, and as an added bonus it produces well-defined waves and curls without greasiness. Use overnight for a deep condition.

Massage oil

Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? There’s no need to head to Myer or DJ’s to buy the good stuff when coconut oil does just as good a job. To use, soften between your hands first.


Natural shaving cream

If you use shaving cream, or if your man does, coconut oil can be used as a shaving cream, giving a soft shave without all the messy white foam.

Nipple cream

If you’re breast feeding, you can use coconut oil in place of lanolin to treat sore nipples. And if you’ve got a young one, you can also use it on your baby’s bottom for moisturising and antibacterial treatment..

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