Beautiful Gardens You Can Create Yourself

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. If inspiration strikes, you should definitely act upon it. And if that inspiration drives you to create a new garden for you to enjoy at home, then why not get started right now? Whatever the weather, a beautiful garden can become your sanctuary, your kids’ fun place to play, or even the place where you find your next meal. Here are just some of the beautiful gardens you can create yourself:

Children’s Play Garden

For those with young children, it’s important to provide a safe space for them to play. Before you attempt to replicate the local playpark in your own backyard, start with the basics. A solid boundary fence is so important when you have kids or pets. It prevents them wandering off the second your back is turned. Most importantly, it provides privacy and prevents unwanted guests trespassing on your property!

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Keep prickly and poisonous plant life out of your garden when you have kids. Instead, plant away from the main play area. You may have some play bark or artificial grass to provide a mud-free surface. Then you can use play mats or a washable blanket for them to sit on. If you have apparatus, check it’s still in good condition every month or so. Tighten the bolts if you think they may be loose.

Zen Garden

A Zen garden is one of the simplest and most beautiful types of garden you can create. It doesn’t need to fill a large area either. It can be created with sand surrounded by rocks. Or you may choose to use coloured pebbles for a stylish alternative. The sand can be raked to create circular or swirling patterns. You may choose to add a water feature or some solar lights to enhance the effect. These gardens are designed to relax the soul, so don’t forget to add somewhere to sit and meditate.

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Food Garden

Your garden can be the ideal place to find your five-a-day. Why not plant some fruit trees? Visit a nursery or find a garden centre that specialises in fruit plants. You can also plant vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Many of these foods can be grown in containers if you don’t want to dig up your lawn. This can make it easier to protect the plants and harvest the crops too. Use hanging baskets, old storage boxes, or build up a planting bed.

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Garden Full Of Colour

If what you’re really after is a garden full of colour all year round, you need to pick your flowers carefully. Early bloomers include snowdrops and daffodils. Irises in blue and purple will pop up in early spring. In the summer you can enjoy violas in your hanging baskets. Late spring brings the best of the roses out in full colour. Pick a few evergreens to provide different shades of green in your garden all winter.

Whichever garden you choose, it can be created and maintained quite easily. Of course, you’ll need to work a little to keep a lawn mowed or weeds at bay! Love your garden all year round.

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