7 Reasons to Switch to Bikes as Means of Transport

Going old school is sometimes what our life needs to experience a perfect flow of things. Riding bicycles is one such example; except that the bicycle industry has now made huge improvements and made the bikes much cooler and exciting.

People across the country are switching over to riding bikes, not just because they are in trend and attractive but also because they are getting aware of the benefits of riding a bike. This switch to bikes has helped a lot of people to improve their health and lives; it is also helping our Mother Earth in many ways.

If you are lately experiencing some clarity of thoughts and thinking about ways to bring improvement in certain areas of your life, then you have come to the right place. Following are some major reasons why you should limit driving your car and instead spend more time riding the bikes:

  1. Convenient to Use:

Can you believe that commuters almost spend 19 days stuck in the traffic in one year? That is a huge wastage of our time, energy, and fuel. Bikes are much convenient and effortless than cars or buses. If you are sick and tired of getting stuck in traffic and getting late for work every other day then this is the best option for you. Riding a bike will simply eliminate the traffic and save you lots of time which you can use for other productive activities.

  • Fitness and Health:

One of the biggest benefits of riding a bike is that it improves our health significantly and tremendously. Cycling is probably the best kind of workout which is exciting and fun. The article “The Best Bike Stand of 2019” from Rackfact explains that the increasing awareness of obesity-related problems has caused more people to use their bikes. It burns calories, helps to lose weight and tone your body. Riding also improves one’s cardiovascular health, normalizes diabetes and increases stamina. It also strengthens the bones and improves joint mobility.

  • Economical:

Riding a bicycle is way cheaper than driving a car or commuting through buses or trains. It does not require any fuel and has a very limited maintenance cost. It requires a one-time investment; you can even reduce the maintenance cost by taking good care of your bike. By commuting more on a bicycle, you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars which you can otherwise spend fulfilling your wish-list.

  • Environment-friendly:

Transportation is one of the biggest causes that have led to an increase in global warming in recent years. Being super-friendly to nature, bicycles have the power to contribute to saving our planet from deadly pollution. Imagine how much pollution will it eliminate and make our country a better place to live in if maximum people limit the use of cars and other automobiles and commute on pollution and fuel-free bikes.

  • Brings you closer to Nature:

A nature-lover knows the value of traveling miles just to get a beautiful view of the sunset or a sunrise along with amazingly fresh surroundings. You cannot experience the beautiful nature while sitting in a car whereas going on the bike doubles the beauty of your experience. It helps you appreciate nature in a better way and from a much closer view. Even if we talk about riding bikes in your city and your routine, you will see your city through new eyes and experience it like you never did before.

  • Brings Excitement in Life:
    Riding bikes brings back the excitement you had when you were a child. If we look straight into the eyes of an honest mirror, we will realize that as we grew up, the level of our excitement had lowered down. The adventurous child within us still craves for the little escapades and some dash of excitement in our lives. In some ways, riding bikes brings back these little joys and somehow satisfy our inner child.
  • Improves your State of Mind:

Our mental health is bound to improve once we are physically active, healthy and doing something good for the world. Riding bikes is an initiative and a good effort to improve our lifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle, in return, helps to improve our mental health significantly. Staying close to nature brings us closer to our selves and helps us understand our thoughts in a much better way. It opens us up as a person and improves our perspective about life.      

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