Get Professional Looking Makeup in Minutes!

No matter how experienced you are with makeup currently, you can make your makeup look way more professional. It won’t take hours either – it can look professional in just minutes if you use the right techniques and tips. Try these out for starters and see how they work for you:

Use Brushes and Sponges

Brushes and sponges can help you to achieve a more professional look than just using your fingers. They don’t have to cost the earth; there are brushes and sponges out there to suit all budgets. Videos online will give you some great tips to try with them too, so you can see what works for you.

Makeup to Suit Your Skin Type

The makeup you use should suit your skin type. If it doesn’t, it can look cakey, oily, or just plain wrong. You don’t want your makeup to sit in your lines and pores. You definitely don’t want to spend a fortune on makeup for it to look awful! Ask for advice on your skin type from somebody at a beauty counter if you don’t currently know what it is. You can then ask for advice on makeup for your skin type, or do a bit of research first so you know the best brands to look at. Something that suits your best friend’s face won’t necessarily suit yours.

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Always Apply in Natural Light

Applying your makeup in natural light is the best thing you can possibly do. Makeup applied in natural light looks amazing whatever light you end up in afterwards, but applying in artificial light can be risky. Buy a mirror with a light that mimics natural light if you can’t actually do it in natural light.

Prep the Skin Properly

Having professional looking makeup is all about prepping the skin properly first. If you don’t do that, your makeup won’t go on as smoothly or as nicely as it could. Here are some tips on prepping your skin:

  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturise.
  • Let your moisturiser sink in properly.
  • Apply a primer.
  • Apply your foundation with a brush and anything else you plan on applying!

Use Colour Correcting Concealer

Colour correcting concealer can hide a multitude of imperfections thanks to the optical illusion it can create. Different colours can help different issues with the skin, so you can buy a whole palette or just one colour to help a specific issue. All good makeup courses will teach you about this kind of thing. Green is good for covering redness, while yellow is good for dark circles.

Keep it Simple

You don’t want to look trashy or tacky when you do your makeup, so make sure you keep it simple. Just because you’re keeping it simple doesn’t mean you’ll look ‘under-done’. Here’s what to do:

  • Carefully apply your base and concealers.
  • Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.
  • Fill in brows lightly and carefully.
  • Contour lightly if needed.
  • Wear a gloss or balm on your lips.
  • Line eyes with a brown shadow for softness.

That should be enough for a professional look that enhances your natural beauty without masking it! Have fun!

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