8 Reasons to Call an Electrician

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In a crisis, an electrician in Melbourne is just a phone call away!

There are many different scenarios that necessitate a prompt response. Trustworthy and highly skilled professionals can swiftly turn a crisis into a minor inconvenience. Here are just some of the reasons property owners may contact the professionals:

Without Light

Candlelight may conjure up images of romance. Torches can evoke a certain adventurous charm to proceedings. What can start off as being a bit of a novelty soon loses its appeal. Being without electric lights for any duration of time is an inconvenience. It slows down our ability to get on with work or leisure activities in the home. It stops us enjoying pleasurable pursuits like reading or sewing. Temporary light failure is often caused by overhead electrical storms. Temporary failures of this kind rarely constitute an emergency. However, for prolonged periods of power failure with no discernible reason, it’s time call in the guys. And let there be light!

Ongoing Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms are designed to protect our properties. They give us peace of mind that all is safe and well. However, when alarms continue for no apparent reason, it’s time to address the cause. Repeated noise pollution will quickly irritate your neighbours. Their initial concern for your property won’t last long when greeted by a relentless deafening dim! In fact, an overactive alarm system has the opposite effect. Designed to alert others to a possible intruder, people stop taking notice of a system. They simply conclude that it’s faulty.

Lightning Strikes

Mother Nature is a powerful force. And not one to be reckoned with. She can reap all manner of mischief. Lightning strikes are not an uncommon occurrence. But they can be a nuisance when you receive a direct hit. Lightning strikes will cause damage to electrical systems. They are likely to set off a burglar alarm. They are also commonly responsible for creating a power shortage too. They say that lightning never strikes twice. Even if you are unlucky enough to be a victim of nature’s wrath only once, once can still cause damage!

Burning Smells

Burning smells or unusual odours emanating from appliances are a red flag for action. As elements burn out, they tend to emit a burning smell. This typically signifies the end of the road for the humble appliance in question. Most items are engineered to fade away without too much fanfare. If your appliances aren’t going quietly, they need to be dealt with. An emergency electrician will handle them with care and ensure the final moments for a hairdryer and kettle are peaceful!

Sparking or Hot Sockets

When sparks start flying, it’s time to raise your hand for attention. Sparks coming from sockets could do irreparable damage to your home. If left untreated, a house fire could become the tragic conclusion. Faulty wiring will need addressing instantly. It may even necessitate an entire rewiring of your home to ensure future safety. Likewise, hot sockets should also be taken seriously. Internal elements forced to work too hard will overheat. Overloaded sockets or continued use can often become hot to the touch. An electrician will identify the cause of the heat source and put it out promptly.

Faulty Safety Switches

Electrical safety switches are installed for our protection. They give us a feeling of comfort. They act as a reassuring buffer that prevents electrical faults escalating into full-blown carnage. A safety switch can only perform its function when it is in full working order. When switches are faulty, you aren’t protected from electric shocks. As such, accidently cutting through a power cable could spell disaster. The home is full of electrical gadgets fitted with safety switches for consumer protection. Without them, you are playing roulette with electrical currents. And odds on favourite to win is electricity.

Boiler Breakdowns

As winter approaches, daytime temperatures begin to fall and the nights become chilly. You settle down to watch some TV with a cup of coffee. Feeling a bit cold, you decide it’s time to put the heating on. You hit the switch. Nothing happens. Pulling on a jumper (or two) you realise with frustration your boiler has stopped working. This is an inconvenience at best. It escalates into an emergency when there are vulnerable people residing in the property. This typically includes babies and the elderly. If you are reliant upon your boiler to generate hot water, the problem just became twice as bad.

Addressing Another’s Mistakes

Electrical work is a dangerous job when poorly executed. Qualified electricians are highly skilled traders who are well versed in what they do. They are also fully accredited with the appropriate officiating body. Despite this, amateur have-a-go homeowners do just that. Have a go. Without any training. And very little knowledge. Armed with nothing more than an out-of-date manual, they attempt to ‘fix’ things themselves. If you attempt to carry out electrical work without being fully certified, you are, quite literally, playing with fire. You might also violate your home insurance policy too. Admit your mistakes before it’s too late. Swallow your pride and call in the experts. After all, a raised eyebrow is far more tolerable than a singed one!

Minimise the risk of electrical faults by remaining vigilant at all times. Don’t ignore the visual clues. And trust your nose to assist your eyes too. Desist from overloading sockets or using old appliances. Take care when carrying out maintenance in the home. Regularly check smoke alarms as part of your regular safety routine. Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property when you’re away. Reduce risks by unplugging appliances before going on holiday.

Looking after your property includes external lights as well internal ones. Ensure porch lights and garden lights are safe and fully operational. Problems with these lights might not come to your attention as readily. So make it a part of your maintenance routine to check them regularly. Act fast and save your home. And your family.

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