My Newest Passion: Foods From Around the World

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really been expanding my culinary experiences. And this means trying out foods from other nations in the world. As you might know, I’m something of a foodie, but that’s only come about in recent years. So I look for every opportunity I can to try to taste new dishes.

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There are so many delicious cuisines you simply must try from around the world. There are so many countries whose cuisine you may not even have tried yet. I love to open myself, and my taste buds, up to new food. But I also like to revisit some of my favourite foods while I’m at it. So, this is a list I’ve compiled especially for you. It’s a list of some of my favourite cuisines from around the world.


Okay, let’s be honest, everyone has most likely sampled some Italian cuisine in their lives. So why is it on this list? Well, simple, it’s just so darn good! Honestly, it’s so difficult to get better than great Italian food. There’s just something so infinitely enjoyable about pizza and pasta, and it’s so versatile. Italian food ranks among some of the best on the planet. And it’s certainly one of my favourites. So, if you’ve not tried it, you’re definitely missing out. If you have tried it, you’ll know how good it is.


Now, to be honest, Ghanaian food was something of a mystery to me until recently. But, having sampled a taste of Africa it’s left me wanting more! There are so many mysterious and exotic dishes to try out. You might sample chichinga, or Red Red, a bean curry. If you’re curious to find out more, then you’re not the only one. Buzz Ghana contains information on some of the best traditional Ghanaian foods you need to try. Check them out, and sample the unforgettable taste of Africa.


Many people look at Thai as just a rip off of Chinese food. But, in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, Thai food is like the sophisticated older sibling of Chinese. It’s less oily and much more flavoursome. I love the heat involved in Thai food, and if you like spice, this might be the ideal cuisine for you to sample. Of course, you don’t have to try the hot stuff and there are plenty of mild dishes to choose from too. Thai food is one of my absolute favourites from around the world. And I would recommend taking the time to find a really great Thai restaurant.


Another one for the spice gurus; Indian cuisine is among the most popular. In the UK curry is one of the most popular dishes there is. And it’s not difficult to see why. There is so much choice involved when it comes to Indian cuisine. There are curries of all different flavours and heats. They have lovely bread, exceptional rice, and they do some truly wonderful things to potatoes!

These are just four of the cuisines I have sampled and revisited recently. But they rank among the favourites of everything I’ve had. I will definitely be trying these again when I go out to eat. And I’m even attempting to learn how to cook some of them at home!


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